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It matters that no client has ever been denied patent protection due to a fault in a translation provided by Park IP Translations. It matters that clients have full confidence in our technology-enabled processes to handle complex multilingual e-discovery from start to finish. It matters that our clients have a competitive edge to meet tight deadlines and manage costs across widening geographies and changing regulatory landscapes.

We deliver language and translation solutions that meet stringent quality standards through a network of technical subject matter experts, certified native-level linguists, and specialized legal interpreters. Our secure, ISO-certified technology-enabled operations ensure the highest quality at global scale, market speed, and greater business value.

Park IP is part of Welocalize companies with over 2,100 team members across offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Centralized Management
Drives Global Scale

A global pharmaceutical company received approval to nationalize a PCT application in 12 countries, including China, several Latin American countries, Singapore, India, and South Africa. The 30-month deadline was about to expire. We assessed options for the 12 countries and coordinated communication with the client, its outside counsel, and foreign associates. After a full evaluation of options across 12 countries, we streamlined and automated a complex matrix of competing processes with all stakeholders. Serving as a single point of contact for the client, its outside counsel, and all foreign associates, Park IP successfully completed the filing and all translations before the deadline.

Global Brands as Legal Assets
to Value and Protect

A leading law firm required an emergency filing patent translation for a biochemistry patent application. Park IP translated and prepared the patent application containing over 45,000 words from English into Simplified Chinese within a 24-hour time period. Patent translation projects of this size typically take 30 days. Park IP’s language solution blends professional translators, centralized process management, and technology automation to protect global brands at market speed.

Partnership with
In-House Legal Teams

A University’s technology transfer office was ready to file a series of three PCT applications in Australia, Canada, the EPO, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand. Since the office IP staff was small and had limited experience with the international filing process, the in-house legal team contacted Park IP. We consulted with the technology transfer office and their licensee to coordinate the execution of necessary forms, translations, and other requirements. Park IP clients value a partnership where more can be done at global scale and market speed by aligning expert services with changing marketplace requirements.

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