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Client Portal

Park IP Translations’ operational goal is that your experience when working with us is easy, efficient, and transparent. Hence, innovation through technology plays a significant role at Park IP, both internally and externally in the development of client-facing systems.

Park IP’s Client Portal manages the complex workflow requirements for patent translations and foreign patent filings. Our clients access a secured Client Portal for various task management:

  • Submit a project request
  • Review a quotation
  • Monitor project status
  • Retrieve completed translation
  • Access historical project data
  • Manage a repository of case files


Machine Intelligence

Navigating the global IP processes and cross-border legal matters quickly becomes complex and costly, as companies expand global operations. Companies and law firms require expertise in translation and process automation to meet the market imperatives of global speed and scale.

Global brands trust Park IP with designing and managing technology-driven language programs powered by machine intelligence, such as machine translation (MT), artificial intelligence (AI), enhanced optical character recognition (OCR), and automated language detection. These solutions deliver faster processing of documents, sophisticated electronic document review and triage, and increased translation productivity across a larger volume of content.

MT and AI, when combined with professional translators and reviewers, create smart resourcing solutions. One area where this hybrid approach has been successful is global e-discovery. Litigation teams are challenged with sifting through gigabytes of data, often in foreign languages. Our technology innovation in language detection and MT is used to translate and review massive volumes of multilingual documents required in litigation cases. Watch this recorded webinar to learn more.

Trusted By Global Legal Teams

50 AM Law Firm

“Our cross-border cases are growing at 35%. Park IP’s centralized processes create the global scale we need to manage effectively.”

Chief IP Counsel, Forbes Top 10 Biotech Firm

“Park IP Translations is an extension of my team. They advise and implement solutions that increase efficiency, manage cost, and deliver results.”