Agile + Adaptive: Technology and Growth in the Legal Industry

welocalize February 17, 2020

At Legalweek 2020litigation support professionals and law firm partners, industry thought leaders, and corporate legal teams gathered to share insights, network, and learnIn the panels and outside networking events, themes included what the future relationship between client and provider looks like, collaboration across business functions (and sharing risk), and technology solutions for remaining competitive  

Here are some takeaways the team at Park IP, a Welocalize company, gleaned from Legalweek. 

Adapting to Change 

During Legalweek 2020, Laurence Colletti, podcast host at Legal Talk Network, checked in with Wendy Curtis, Joan Holman, Samuel Whitman, and Dominic Crosby about their panel focused on helping law firms effectively evolve to keep pace with changing technology and current consumer expectations. In addition, Colletti asks the panel how firms can stay competitive in today’s legal market and tips for getting the buy-in to support innovation.  

We have to change; we have to engage differently. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and over and expect to stay competitive,” comments Joan Holman, chief information officer at Clark Hill PLC. “Our clients and their organizations are changing quickly and they need legal counsel and legal partners that can truly support them through that effort; using people, tools, and technology to make it all happen.” 

Legalweek podcast on the road

AI + Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation has spurred legal teams to evaluate how technology can be used to streamline and standardized processes. At Park IP, we work closely with our clients to efficiently manage growing volumes of legal translations and implement technology-enabled streamlined workflows to meet deadlines and deliver cost savings.  

As we shared at Legalweek, Park IP’s multilingual e-discovery solution blends natural language processing (NLP) machine learning automation with professional translators and reviewers. The result is increasing the speed of delivery and lowering human errors and administrative costs. 

Park IP tweet for Legalweek

Translations are becoming a more important part of litigation and e-discovery as complex global matters increase. New AI technology and machine translation are making it easier and more cost effective to translate larger data sets earlier in the discovery process.   

If we didn’t have a chance to meet with you at Legalweek, let’s connect. Find out how Park IP can help you to manage your translation-related matters, from machine translation for faster, cost-effective ways to execute on large datasets to our worldwide network of expert translators for important document drafts and certification. 

Hope to see you at Legalweek 2021! 

park ip employees at networking event

Pictured: Ben and Tom at the Park IP Legalweek Networking Happy Hour