Let’s Go! An On-Demand Summit Focused on Global Growth in 2022

welocalize October 28, 2021

Now Available on Demand, Let’s Go features 49 experts across 23 sessions sharing technology, business, and localization strategies for international success in 2022.

After more than a year of adapting to a virtual world, businesses continue to implement new ways to effectively and efficiently engage, learn, and grow. Welocalize’s on-demand virtual summit, Let’s Go!, provides a blueprint for global growth in 2022, with sessions focusing on digitalization, global customer service, multilingual artificial intelligence (AI), and machine translation (MT).

Dozens of Speakers Across 23 Sessions

The speaker lineup includes 49 subject matter experts from a variety of industries, including localization, digital marketing, life sciences, legal and intellectual property, financial, AI and training.

Prominent speakers include Andrew McClary, DLS Discovery’s ESI and Discovery Manager,  joined by Welocalize’s Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager of AI, MT, and NLP Deployments. Their session will detail how AI can be leveraged to overcome language barriers in legal content, including managing risk and discovery with the exponential growth in information.

Slator Research Director, Esther Bond, will also join a panel discussion with Entertainment Globalization Association Managing Director, Chris Fetner, and Welocalize’s Senior Multimedia Engineer, Michael Anderson, for a thought-provoking deep dive into global multimedia production, the impact of AI, and how Gen Y and the movement toward increased diversity and inclusion will influence multimedia in 2022 and beyond.

Session highlights include:

  • Your Next Big Market: How to Identify Global Growth Opportunities
  • Will Machine Translation Replace Human Translators?
  • Your Next Big Market: How to Identify Global Growth Opportunities
  • Why You Should Include Multilingual AI in Your Global Strategy
  • Localization and Translation for Highly Regulated Industries
A Multi-track Virtual Summit with an On-Demand Twist

Let’s Go! is an opportunity to explore new techniques, strategies, and technologies to help scale localization programs, enhance customer experiences, and ignite global growth.

“At our inaugural on-demand summit, we’re equipping business leaders with everything they need to exceed their goals in 2022. Our team has created content across six tracks. Designed with convenience in mind so summit attendees can watch anywhere, any time, on any device,” comments Devin Lynch, Vice President, Customer Success.

Now Available on Demand and featuring 23 sessions, Let’s Go! connects the people behind the technology, marketing, #L10n and business strategies to succeed and grow in 2022! Join @Welocalize for #LetsGoSummit2021 -> Register here.… Click To Tweet


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