5 Must-Watch Sessions for Regulated Industries from Welocalize’s Let’s Go On-Demand Summit

welocalize March 9, 2022

Welocalize strives to help identify and address upcoming trends and challenges. Making our industry expert-led sessions accessible for all helps our clients and colleagues identify change and adapt by following the shifts. 

Here are 5 must-watch sessions for regulated industries from Welocalize’s Let’s Go On-Demand Summit: 

1. Using AI to Overcome Language Barriers in Legal Operations 

In highly regulated industries, inferior translation can result in potential fines and investigations. Technical documents, like patent filings and e-discovery, demand greater attention to detail and accuracy. 

Andrew J. McClary, ESI and Discovery Manager, DLS Discovery, and Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager, AI, MT, and NLP Deployments, Welocalize, share how AI solutions can be leveraged to overcome language barriers in legal content.  

Catch up with this 23-minute session to ensure you manage risk and discovery with the exponential growth in information. View the session here. 

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, Park IP, a Welocalize company, recently presented a webinar within the New York Paralegal Association, sharing insights on how machine learning algorithms can unlock relevant areas of information and streamline the legal processes from multilingual litigation to governance to patent translation and filing. Watch the session on-demand here. 

2. Legal Translation is Everywhere  

Globalization has created opportunities for companies to expand into new markets. Therefore, for globally competitive companies in intellectual property intensive industries, translation should be viewed as a critical element of the portfolio management process.  

Welocalize experts, Jonathan Trotman, Director, Sales Strategy & Data Solutions, and Matthew Sekac, VP, Global Sales Strategy & Support, discuss the crucial role translation plays in portfolio management and how to develop a centralized plan of action to manage this key process. Watch the session here. 

As global patent filings grow, a rethink of how portfolio management strategy is approached, including patent translation, is required. Download our latest guide, Global IP management strategy, what is missing?, to discover actionable tips on how you can take control of your IP portfolio management strategy.  

3. Localization and Translation for Highly Regulated Industries

In highly regulated areas, including legal, life sciences, and financial services, localizing your content requires compliance with internal policies and procedures and local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

Welocalize experts, Cony Rolon, Delivery Operations Director; Salim Catrina, VP, Quality Systems & Operations; and Silvie Peric, Director of Quality Systems & Strategy, share essential insights around how you can ensure your localizations and translations remain high quality and compliant.

Catch up with this 30-minute session here. 

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4. Will Machine Translation Replace Human Translators? 

“Machine vs. Human (translation)” far from being a sci-fi concept, this is the reality for attorneys and law firms facing terabytes of electronic data – with the addition of multiple languages, the process can become complex, costly and an all-consuming effort. But it doesn’t have to be.

In this 30-minute session, join our Welocalize experts Alan Yu, IP Translation Manager; Patent Attorney, Allen Yang; Business Development Director, Michael Zeng; Senior Project Manager; and Nicole Wang, Translation Lead, as they examine the role of machine translation and how you can use MT to complement human translations and become more efficient. Watch here.

Discover additional insights on this topic from this article for Attorney at Work. Benjamin Roberts, Director of Business Development, Welocalize, shares how humans and machines can work together to streamline the legal translation process.

5. Why You Should Include Multilingual AI in Your Global Strategy

AI is the buzzword. We live in a multilingual world. How can you use AI to reach diverse audiences? If you want to use AI for translation and localization, how will your customers receive it? As a business owner or manager, you’re looking for answers to similar questions, so you should watch the session: Why You Should Include Multilingual AI in Your Global Strategy. 

In this session, Welocalize VP of AI Innovation, Olga Beregovaya, shares her views on AI in 2022. She discusses the use of AI to achieve global content goals while giving insights on neural language processing, machine learning, and conversational AI.  

Catch up with the 22-minute session here. 

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