Legal Ops Teams Must Collaborate, Grow, and Transform

welocalize June 25, 2019
Highlights and key takeaways from CLOC 2019

At CLOC 2019, thought leaders from legal ops teams and the organizations that support them gathered to share insights, network, and learn. In the panels, discussions, and outside networking events, several major themes rang true, including process optimization, collaboration across business functions, and culture and digital transformation.

Here are some the key takeaways the team at Park IP, a Welocalize company, gleaned from the conference:

Keep Moving Forward

In her opening speech for CLOC 2019, CLOC President Mary O’Carroll stated, “Legal ops is not a trend, it’s a movement.”

The movement has been driven by people’s willingness to take chances and break new ground in pursuit of what CLOC calls “Legal Rising.”

“As I have said many times before, everything about legal operations is hard — every step of the way. We’ve come so far, but there is still far, far to go.”

President of CLOC speaking at COC 2019

O’Carroll was forthright in her call for law firms to have the courage to evolve, just as corporate-side CLOC members are doing.

In particular, digital transformation has spurred legal operations team to evaluate how technology can be used to streamline and standardized processes. At Park IP, we work closely with our clients to efficiently manage growing volumes of legal translations through transparent pricing such as a flat fee structure, or implement technology-enabled streamlined workflows across in-house and outside teams to remove duplicate work or repetitive tasks.

Stop Operating in Silos

To keep moving forward, legal ops teams need to collaborate. Collaboration is an essential trait of any healthy organization. For corporate legal departments supporting international clients and stakeholders, cross-functional and cross-border collaboration is critical.

Overwhelmingly, visitors to the Park IP booth were looking for more visibility and transparency, internally and externally, for managing translation projects of critical documents for emerging GDPR compliance, patent filings, corporate legal documents and contracts, or global e-discovery.

“The desire to build efficiencies and increase visibility across in-house departments and outside vendors helps legal ops teams to track what they are doing and know where they are going next. Park IP is a firm believer in the simple fact that you can’t measure what you can’t see or track, much less implement the changes necessary for transformation.” – Jeff Schmidt, Strategic Director, Litigation Services, Park IP

Throughout CLOC 2019 Institute, the importance of embedding efficiencies throughout the entire business, not just the legal department, as well as collaboration across teams and providers, were recurrent themes.

Tweet Post from Park

“We heard over and over again how crucial it was the build in efficiencies to workflows and processes that scale over time. That is, don’t just think about problems you want to solve inside the legal team, as that will create and/or exacerbate the silos. Instead, think about how the problems you are trying to solve can incorporate into the larger business and into the ways the legal department interacts with the larger business. Incorporating these into the very DNA of the business can be transformational for legal operations.” – Brian Powers, PactSafe CEO & Founder

More Digital, More Data, More Risks

From AI to GDPR, legal practitioners are scrambling to keep up with the opportunities and implications that arise from a world fueled by more digital, more data, and more risks.

“Legal operations professionals are hungry for real-time data. We saw significant interest in analytics tools and other ways to use data to measure performance and make decisions. Sessions on data-related topics were full.” – Kevin Clem, HBR Consulting

Park IP’s global patent experience provides assurance that we can nimbly navigate administrative complexity by using data-driven project management, and thus, minimize unexpected risks, delays, and costs.

As we shared at CLOC, Park IP’s multilingual e-discovery solution blends natural language processing (NLP) machine learning automation with professional translators and reviewers. The result is increasing the speed of delivery and lowering human errors and administrative costs.

Learn how Park IP’s streamlined solutions can give you more time to do what you do best.