Park IP Translations: Readiness and Commitment to the GDPR

welocalize April 15, 2018

As a Welocalize operating company, Park IP Translations currently complies with applicable data protection regulations broadly outlined in the GDPR.

Welocalize’s internal cross-functional team of experts from information technology (IT) and information security (Infosec) have reviewed our data management practices with the business operations teams to ensure readiness and compliance to GDPR across our organization. This team will also continue to work with our different operating companies for ongoing compliance to the GDPR.

Welocalize has steadily invested in talent, processes, and systems to handle content and data that we manage on behalf of our employees, customers, vendors, and partners. Data management includes collecting, using, storing, transferring, and disposing of data. Specifically, Welocalize has migrated the provision of language services onto secure, resilient, global cloud-based infrastructure. This infrastructure securely manages all company and customer operations and data-processing. By partnering with leading cloud-service providers, Welocalize has been able to prepare for GDPR and ensure all procedural and technical requirements are met.

“Safeguarding the data privacy of Welocalize employees, partners, and clients is core to the delivery of our translation services and solutions,” said Chris Grebisz, Welocalize Chief Innovation Officer. “We have proactively increased investment in people, processes, and technology to ensure our business operations follow best data management practices and continue to maintain compliance with the GDPR.”

For general information on GDPR and translation services, refer to our blog content: What is GDPR and How Will It Impact Global Business?

If you have questions about Welocalize’s data management practices as related to GDPR, please contact us at