Blending Human and Machine Translation to Meet Tight Turnaround Times of High Volume Priority Content

welocalize November 18, 2019


Global e-discovery is complex and costs continue to rise. According to BDO USA, this growth is fueled by an increase in digital information exchanged through computers, mobile devices, and storage media. Any digital information that contains business records, regardless of the tool that was used to create it, will potentially be subject to e-discovery. (Source: BDO’s “2019 Inside E-Discovery & Beyond”)

Advances in technology and comprehensive solutions, such as Park IP’s AI-enabled multilingual e-discovery solution, play a key role in helping law firms and corporate legal teams to manage discovery activities more efficiently.

In this case study, we explore how an international Am Law 50 firm partnered with Park IP for high volume, second request international M&A review by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to meet tight turnaround times of high volume priority content.

Any digital information that contains business record, regardless of the tool that was used to create it, will potentially be subject to #ediscovery. @ParkIPTrans can streamline your multilingual e-discovery process. #globalIP… Click To Tweet

The Challenge

The client, a leading international Am Law 50 firm and a Fortune 100 company with a global network of 17 offices located in the US, Asia, and Europe, represents some of the world’s largest financial institutions, as well as leading technology and life sciences companies. The firm approached Park IP to carry out human translation of an estimated 1.5 million words of e-discovery content, from German into English, to be completed within three weeks. The content was part of a second request initiated by the FTC relating to a forthcoming international acquisition. The e-discovery content was stored on the Relativity® platform and managed by an international e-discovery solutions provider.

The scope, however, changed during the translation process and, in total, Park IP was contracted to deliver 7.5 million words, translated from German into English, to support a second request initiated by the Commission, related to a cross-border acquisition. There was a less than two-month deadline for production to the FTC.

The Solution

In order to meet the second request deadlines, the project was divided into two phases:

Phase one: 1.6 million words, priority content including emails and correspondence.

Phase two: 5.9 million words, priority content including emails, correspondence, financial, patent, and IP information.

Once the strategy and process had been documented and agreed, Park IP’s senior project manager aligned a team of professional legal translators who worked on both phases. Park IP blended human and machine translation to meet tight turnaround times of the Client’s high volume priority content. The team also worked closely with the e-discovery provider to exchange documents and coordinate delivery to the client. This involved regular cross-team discussions to ensure the project was kept on target.

The Results

Even with an increased word count five-fold over the initial estimated word count, Park IP was able to deliver the translations within the three-week and five-week deadlines, which allowed the client to meet the tight turnaround times of the FTC’s deadline related to our Client’s forthcoming international acquisition.

“The Park IP team is outstanding, providing world-class language solutions under tight deadlines. As an e-discovery Provider, managing multilingual data can be a challenge but Park IP Translations made the process easy and delivered exceptional services. By far the best experience I’ve had with a legal translation provider.” Myles N., Project Manager, International E-discovery Solutions Provider

Large Volumes. In total, Park IP delivered German to English translation of 7.5 million words within the tight deadline.

Scalability. When the initial estimated word count increased five-fold, Park IP was able to scale to meet the demand by creating a cross-functional team of translators, project managers, and coordinators to work on both phases simultaneously.

Global Project Management. Park IP’s dedicated project management team provided the Client resources across multiple time zones, avoiding project delays and bottlenecks.

Innovative Technology. Park IP’s technology-enabled e-discovery solutions minimized review errors, increased speed of delivery, and decreased discovery costs

Park IP’s customer service throughout this matter was second to none. Not only did they delivery great value to our firm and e-discovery provider by making the translation process as simple as possible, but the quality of the work product was excellent, and benefited our client’s position by enabling an efficient review by the FTC. David S., Associate, Am Law 50 International Law Firm

Rising costs, growth in digital platforms, and increased competition across borders make e-discovery of a prime importance to business and IT decision makers. This is why more companies are implementing technology solutions to decrease discovery time.

How can Park IP streamline your multilingual e-discovery process? Contact us to learn more about our experience blending human and machine translation to meet tight turnaround times of high volume priority content.