Top 10 Legal Words Blog Posts of 2015

In celebrating another great year at Park IP Translations, we are delighted to present you with the top Legal Words blog posts in 2015.

We have enjoyed sharing our legal language experience and expertise. The Park IP Team looks forward to publishing more thought-provoking content in 2016. Our goal is to provide you guidance and best practices related to managing global patent portfolios, multinational foreign filings, eDiscovery and litigation translation and the best language strategies for all your legal content translation requirements.

Here is a list of the top 10 most-read Park IP Translations Legal Words Blogs of 2015:

#1 Ten Important Facts about European Patent Validation

This informative top blog covers important information relating to patent protection in Europe, EP patent applications and EP validation.

#2 Findings from IP Service World 2015

Jonathan Laidler, Business Development Director at Park IP Translations attended this event in Munich, Germany and in this blog, shares his key takeaways. At the event, Park IP’s Senior Director of Sales Strategy, Matthew Sekac, presented What Global Patent Departments Can Learn from the AIA’s Foreign Filing Aftershock,” sharing valuable analysis and findings that resulted in Park IP successfully managing the AIA Aftershock for many global clients.

#3 Unitary Patent Language Requirements

This blog takes a closer look at the unitary patent’s language requirements and specifically, how they may affect life sciences organizations. A PDF version is available of the full article, written by Matthew Sekac, which was first published in IPPro Life Sciences magazine issue 56: Overcoming the Language Barrier – Unitary Patent’s Language Requirements.

#4 Lessons from the AIA Aftershock

The AIA Aftershock phenomena was one of the unprecedented, key events to take place in 2015 in the legal languages industry. Matthew Sekac looks at some of the lessons learned as a result of the AIA Aftershock. This blog is an abridged version of an original article, which first appeared in IPPro The Annual – 2015 – 2016.

#5 Ten Important Facts about AIA and Foreign Filing

Significant changes to the America Invents Act (AIA) created a surge in US patent applications up to March 16 2013. These applications approached the 30-month deadline for PCT National Phase Entry in September 15, 2015, creating a surge in foreign filings and a peak in demand for experience, legal translations, known as the AIA Aftershock. In this blog, Park IP shares ten important facts about AIA and foreign filing to help clients prepare for the AIA Aftershock and avoid missing the PCT National Phase deadline.

#6 Park IP and Welocalize Office Exchange Program from New York to Oregon

Based at Park IP Headquarters in New York, Tamas Szabo is a Project Manager at Park IP Translations. As part of the Office Exchange Program, he spent a week at the Welocalize office in Portland. Tamas shared some of his experiences in this blog.

#7 Managing Patent Translations in Latin America and Why It Matters

Matthew Sekac looks at how important it is to proactively engage in managing the translation component of patent filing in Latin America. This article was first published in IPPro Life Sciences magazine issue 52. To view the article in full, click on the following link: Managing Translation Requirements in Latin American and Why it Matters.

#8 10 Facts about the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Park IP and Welocalize Market Researcher, Emma Cox, shares 10 facts about the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

#9 Park IP Highlights from NYU Translation and MT Event

Senior Director of Global Operations at Park IP, Rachel Lord, took part in a panel discussion at a translation and MT event hosted by NYU School of Professional Studies. This blog by Rachel, she highlights some of the key discussion points from the event, MT, CAT Tools and the “Shifting Landscape of the Translation Industry.”

#10 Managing Foreign Associates Relationships in Asia

In this blog, Matthew Sekac looks at managing foreign associate relationships in Asia and shares insights on how patent practitioners can effectively manage global patent portfolios, working across international boundaries. The article first appeared in issue 32 of IPPro Life Sciences Magazine. To download a PDF version, click here: Managing Foreign Associates Relationships in Asia.

We look forward to sharing more insights and tips with you in 2016 on topics related to IP and patent translations, litigation and document reviews, general legal document translation, interpretation and foreign filings.

Please do let us know the subjects that interest you the most. We will happily work with our team of experts to develop content in our continuing commitment to share knowledge and best practices. You can contact us at

Happy New Year!

The Park IP Marketing Team 


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