Tools and Technology

Tools and Technology

Our goals are to innovate, to be a driving force behind the evolution of those technology standards and to shape the industry’s best practices. The result, technology plays a significant role at Park IP, both internally and externally in our client-facing systems.

Our commercial Translation Management System, GlobalSight, is used by leading organizations for translation and workflow management. Our proprietary project management system, Falcon, is an enterprise-scale project and accounting management platform. Falcon streamlines Park IP’s quality control process. It is utilized by clients who require real-time data and robust reporting pertaining to their translation needs and spend.

We empower our legal clients with our two Client Access Portals, which seamlessly manage requirements for patent translations and foreign patent filings. Each portal is linked directly with Falcon, unifying the translation process and affording clients the ability to order, monitor, and access translation projects at any time.

Park IP is at the forefront of technology by developing connectors and integration procedures to clients systems whenever possible, reducing human error and simplifying the process. We are always looking for opportunities to boost efficiency, work product quality, and client service through technological innovation. We employ a large team of full-time developers to continue driving efficiency in all our technology tools—and to help build new ones.

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