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Interview with Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer for Regulated Industries at Welocalize and Park IP Translations and Consol Casablanca, Founder and General Manager of Nova Language Services

Park IP and Nova TogetherTranslation and localization within regulated industries such as legal and life sciences require specialist skill and expertise. Content within these sectors is complex and heavily regulated by governments and official institutions and any translation must be accurate and legally accepted in all target countries. Welocalize recently acquired Nova Language Services (Nova) to add to its growing portfolio of regulated industry language solutions. Nova joins Park IP Translations (Park IP), a Welocalize company and global leader in legal translations and foreign filing, to provide global clients with language solutions in the life sciences industry.

In this interview, Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer for Regulated Industries at Welocalize and Park IP Translations and Consol Casablanca, Founder and General Manager of Nova share insights into how Park IP and Nova are taking a different approach to translation in the regulated space.

What are the opportunities for language solutions in the regulated industries space?

Erin: There is a regulatory and compliance nature that goes with many types of product and service offerings and with Park IP, we started out with the legal nature of IP. With the Nova acquisition, we’re now branching out and expanding our regulatory portfolio, focusing on the entire lifecycle of clinical trials, patient documentation, medical devices industry and regulatory affairs. Content at the intellectual property (IP) or patent filing stage is very different to the content involved in a clinical trial but the constant factor is the regulatory nature and client. We can provide that one client with the applicable regulatory services (one being translation) for the whole lifecycle of a product. The opportunity exists from idea conception and patent filing through to trial and full commercialization. As products move further along the development cycle, they require knowledge and regional expertise to ensure they are compliant and legally accepted for global distribution.

What is the overall vision for the combined forces of Park IP and Nova?

Erin: It was perfect timing to bring Nova into the Welocalize family. Having established ourselves as leaders in the legal sector, Park IP are now looking holistically at the overall regulatory space. We’re delivering specialist localization and translation services that look at service delivery from a regulatory perspective to meet the needs of our clients. Now we’ve acquired Nova’s expertise and skill in the life sciences space, we can better serve our clients. Park IP is the regulatory umbrella under which our IP, legal and life sciences expertise sit – Nova being the team for life sciences. Our services will exist in parallel serving clients in global regulated industries.

We’re looking at the whole journey our clients go on to provide products and services in regulated industries. Whether pharmaceuticals, medical or financial, everyone has IP and highly complex content that they want to protect in many different countries. You may generate a patent for a chemical or drug and then two years later, that drug will need to be involved in clinical and patient trials. The demand for translation does not stop at the IP and patent stage. We provide translation and localization service across the complete product lifecycle.

Consol: As a Welocalize company, Park IP is an internationally renowned company who specialize in high risk content with accountability and compliance. For Nova, it is excellent that we are now partnered with Park IP in terms of credibility and our ability to be able to serve larger clients with a wider range of services to meet all their translation and services needs for regulated and other content needs. It is exciting to become a significant player in the growing global life sciences market.

Park IP has a world-class reputation for being a global leader in foreign filing and patent translation. Will Nova be focused certain areas?

Consol: There are many global opportunities in the life sciences industry and we’re not going to try to be everything to everyone in life sciences. Nova has a strong track-record in facilitating CRO, PRO and medical device regulatory affairs and that’s where we’re focused now. We have the right expertise and rigor that is required for PRO and clinical trial translations.

What are some of the benefits clients will experience?

Erin: Park IP and Nova better understand the challenges and issues faced by clients in the regulatory space. We see and understand the whole picture, not just a one-off CRO translation or request for foreign filing. This will help us develop more strategic relationships with clients in the life sciences space as they grow globally. We already have good relationships with key decision makers at key life sciences organizations. We can now offer more translation value as their products progress through the development cycle.

Consol: Clients can now rely on us for wider services and benefit from quality services delivered by one vendor. Combining the good reputation of both organizations will make the process of bringing a new life sciences product to a global market smoother.

Interview by Louise Law, Global Communications Manager, Welocalize.

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