America Invents Act Aftershock

Too Late to Translate?

When the main provisions of the America Invents Act (AIA) went into effect on March 16, 2013, it created an unprecedented spike in the daily volume of US first filings with the USPTO ahead of that date.

How does AIA impact you today?

The passing of the AIA statute has generated a spike in US-originating applications due for PCT National Phase entry in September 2015 and is predicted to create a global resource strain. The lack of available translation resources could create irrevocable damage and significant losses in business value from lost or compromised foreign patent protection. When is it too late to translate?

Watch and Learn More

Managing Risk from the AIA Foreign Filing Aftershock Webinar from Park IP Translations on Vimeo.

In our Park IP Translations webinar, Managing Risk from the AIA Foreign Filing Aftershock, expert Matthew Sekac shares pivotal data that will help you minimize risk in the pending specialized linguistic resource strain.  Ensure your filings are completed in time! The webinar helps you prepare to talk to their clients and colleagues about the real risks associated with waiting too late to translate.

The Park IP Translations webinar details why you need to translate now.  Matt, a legal language and patent filing expert, shares valuable facts behind the data of the AIA Aftershock and why it is important to translate and not wait. The topics for this webinar include:

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Read more about AIA here.

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