Prosecution Services

Prosecution Services

We recognize the value represented by your IP and thus the corresponding need for the highest quality translations for patent prosecution in non-English speaking jurisdictions, IP patent and trademark translation, IP document reviews and support to protect your brand and global assets. Park has extensive experience in the patent prosecution space having handled tens of thousands of cases, many on a rush basis.

Our international team of linguists and industry experts partner with you to provide experienced consultancy and services.  The depth of knowledge we maintain regarding any international jurisdiction serves as a dynamic advantage for our clients and allows us to be relied upon as international filing experts.

Patent Prosecution

Working on thousands of patents every year, across every industry enables us to leverage a strong knowledge base that we maintain with up-to-date information on specific patent office rules, deadlines, extensions, and other jurisdiction-specific regulations associated with the foreign prosecution process. We understand the needs, deadlines and urgencies associated with our clients’ dockets.

IP Patent and Trademark Translation

We currently count a significant portion of the world’s largest law firms and global corporations as clients due to the high level of our quality work. Our team currently provides millions of words every month and thousands of patents a year for filings across North America, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

IP Document Review

We are experts in the document review process and have been involved in projects of every size and scope with voluminous document reviews.  Our leadership and experience to support even the largest cases under the tightest of deadlines, is what we know and how we can assist you.  Every project and review undergoes our proprietary ISO 9001:2015 certified quality process.

Brand and Global Asset Protection

IP is an “owned” asset.  Top companies and brands are continually reminded of the protections they need to take when protecting their valuable assets.  Park IP provides the expertise and experience to make sure trademark, copyright or patent protection are translated accurately to reinforce a company’s globalization strategy and ownership.

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