Park IP Translations and Welocalize Office Exchange Program from New York to Beijing

office exchange welocalize park ip 11-2016Reid Prawdzik is an operations process coordinator in sales support at Park IP Translations and is based in New York City. He recently spent a week at the Beijing office as part of the Park IP Translations and Welocalize office exchange program. In this blog interview, he shares his experiences and recaps his journey to China.

What do you do for Park IP Translations?

As a member of the sales support team, I am fortunate enough to work in the day-to-day functions of both services and sales. I serve as a bridge between the two groups. My responsibilities for the sales team include interfacing with clients to obtain project information and data, process new requests, and demonstrate the Park IP Translations InSight Client Portal. The services aspect of my role involves entering cases into Falcon, a property project management tool, checking for duplicate requests, creating daily reports for project managers, communicating notes and deadlines to the scoping team.  As well, I serve as an account manager for InSight Client Portal clients. It’s a busy role!

Why did you want to take part in the office exchange program?

Knowing that Beijing is similar to the New York City office in many ways, I wanted to travel to China in order to help improve our processes in both locations. I also wanted to learn from the Beijing services team members whom I speak with on a daily basis; however, never actually had the opportunity to meet.

What was your main goal?

For my trip, I had five clear objectives, which I achieved:

  • Meet members of the Park IP China team, and shadow them in order to acquire a better understanding of services in Asia as a whole.
  • Obtain feedback from Park China in order to improve processes across our organization.
  • Train global projects managers on the InSight Client Portal in order to establish 24-hour coverage. As a result of sales growth in Asia, I also wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with members, especially on Park IP’s InSight Client Portal, to extend this wonderful service to both prospective, and existing clients in China.
  • Share best practices to refine the sales support and platform development activities in the Beijing office, to increase efficiency and further mitigate risk for our global clients.
  • Eat as much authentic Chinese food as possible!

What did you learn on your exchange?

I learned how hard our Beijing colleagues work on a daily basis. More specific to my role, I learned a lot about our clients in China, the daily functions of our Park IP China Global PM and QA teams, and how our China Language PM team operates. In my sales support role, the Chinese Language PM team is probably the sector of services that I am the least involved with and I had a lot to learn. I went from knowing nothing about the Chinese Language PM team, to becoming a subject matter expert on them.

Did anything surprise you?

I was impressed with the workflow that the team has set up to account for the slower download and upload speeds. I am grateful for the warmth and hospitality that I received from the Park IP team in China. They showed me around Beijing, brought me to incredible restaurants, and took the time out of their busy days to allow me to learn what they do on a daily basis.

Did you learn something new about the local culture and company?

I learned how much of an impact our work and instructions from New York has on their daily lives. Though I knew of course that the team there existed, you don’t really have a true first person understanding of how your role impacts other global employees unless you yourself experience their roles first-hand. With the large QA team, as well as global project managers in the Beijing office, a lot of work is passed onto Beijing from New York and vice versa. It is critical that globally, we are clear and diligent with our work and instructions.

With regards to the culture, I learned that cold water is never really a beverage option! The only thing that I didn’t enjoy at the restaurants was drinking hot water and this was literally the only negative of the entire trip!

What would you say about your experience overall?

My overall experience was ALL POSITIVE! Not only was I able to create amazing memories, such as walking along the Great Wall of China, I was able to meet and enjoy the company of our wonderful colleagues in Beijing.

I also learned more about services and Welocalize as a whole through my time. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I am very grateful for my experience. The Welocalize Office Exchange Program is an excellent opportunity.

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