Park IP Translations Office Exchange is Driving Global Teamwork

Steam Mill Business CentreBased in New York City, Gerald Lara, Jr,. is a Customer Relationship Management Team Lead at Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company. He recently spent a week at Welocalize and Park IP offices in Chester and London, United Kingdom (UK), as part of the company office exchange program.

Why did you want to take part in the Park IP Office Exchange program?

I joined Park IP 11 months prior to participating on this trip. Coming from a translation industry background, I was keen to see how other Welocalize and Park IP business units ran projects and activities similar to mine. Global teamwork is one of Welocalize’s four foundational pillars and sharing knowledge across the whole organization is important to efficiently driving effective strategies. I was thrilled to hear this kind of opportunity is available to employees because it allows someone like myself to understand not only the operations of one unit, but best practices across the entire company.

What was your main goal in your visit to the United Kingdom?

My priority was to identify what are some of the best practices that I could bring back to Park IP and our legal language services from a customer service, customer relationship management and lead generation perspective.  As the Team Lead for customer relationship management at Park IP, my goal every day is to identify new ways to assist my team do their job more effectively and grow our business. I wanted to see how the enterprise team engaged and communicated globally to ensure they got the most return on investment from their actions, and build a strong relationship with the Park IP Business Development Team.  Based on my observations, the whole enterprise team has a prestige workflow for internal, and external engagements. Our clients are dealing with complex regulated content that must be accurately translated, often within tight timescales, to meet the requirements of a multilingual audience. We must make sure we provide exceptional language services to meet and exceed these requirements.

What observations stood out for you the most on your trip to the UK?

My most memorable moments while I was in the UK was just learning about the diversity and the cultural differences. Although, I’ve been to the UK multiple times, the warm welcome I received from both offices allowed me to learn more about our clients, the industry and my colleagues. I experienced many conversations where we discussed the differences in culture, and understanding how the UK operates both from an industry and company perspective. It was a value added experience, and I intend to bring all of my new found knowledge back to the legal services business unit.

What would you say about your experience overall?

This experience is a prime example of how everyone can never stop learning! Even working in the language service industry for five years prior to coming to work at Park IP, I’m learning new things about the industry and how things operate. The experience not only helped me understand more about the broader team, but I gained more appreciation working for a large, growing company and team. I now use the phrase “We comes before I in Welocalize” quite often!

This is a trip I’ll never forget and has been invaluable to my professional development. Global Teamwork rocks!


Based in New York, Gerald Lara Jr., is Customer Relationship Management Team Lead at Park IP Translations.




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