Park IP Translations kCura’s Relativity and E-Discovery Product Integrations

iStock_000058119802_MediumThe Park IP Translations’ plug-in for Relativity helps clients overcome the challenges of a complex e-discovery process involving the review of large volumes of data in multiple languages. The new plug-in connects to Park IP Translations technology, which will help law firms and corporations automatically translate multilingual e-discovery data held on Relativity, kCura’s e-discovery software platform.

In a recent article published by Legaltech News, Park IP Translations’ innovative plug-in for Relativity is discussed among one of the latest and greatest new developments and product integrations in Relativity’s Ecosystem, the most widely utilized review platform in the e-discovery world.

CLICK HERE to access the full article online. This article first appeared in print and digital on Legaltech News and is important reading for anyone involved in litigation support or managing the e-discovery process.

The article highlights the kCura Relativity Platform and the technologies and product integrations associated, as part of the Ecosystem. According to kCura CEO, Andrew Sieja, the company aim is to “simplify and accelerate how the world conducts e-discovery.”

Within Relatirelativityvity, Park IP Translations has created a workspace that contains some of the key components needed by someone reviewing foreign documents, allowing reviewers to conduct translations within the kCura Ecosystem rather than having to manually export them outside of Relativity.

Translations can be done to individual documents or the entire data set, and the system tracks from which document the translation is taken. “Translation is sort of treated as a bad stepchild of e-discovery and by bringing it earlier in the workflow, data can be reviewed earlier in the process,” said Jeff Schmidt, Park IP business development director. “Park IP clients benefit from a seamless exchange of e-discovery data from Relativity, taking flagged documents and automatically delivering them through Park IP’s Technology Assisted Translation (TAT) framework, employing customized machine translation engines. Translated data is then automatically delivered back to Relativity and mapped to the source location.”

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For more information about Park IP Translations Plug-In for Relativity and Technology Assisted Translation (TAT) solutions, click here.


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