Park IP Translations and Welocalize Office Exchange Program from New York to Italy 

Milan Team 2016Patricia McCarthy is a client and technical services analyst at Park IP Translations and based in New York. She recently spent a week at Agostini Associati offices in Milan, Italy as part of the Park IP Translations and Welocalize office exchange program. Agostini is a Welocalize company and a recognized world leader in financial translations and language services.

In this blog, Patricia shares her experience and key learnings from her trip.

What do you do for Park IP Translations?

I have been a client and technical services analyst for the past 16 months at Park IP Translations. My typical day consists of reviewing, analyzing and scheduling projects based on our client’s needs and our production team’s capabilities. We’re known as “scopers” at Park IP Translations and it’s our responsibility to ensure each project is initiated smoothly.

Why did you want to take part in the office exchange program?

Having worked in a variety of corporate settings, I had never experienced anything like the exchange program that is offered at Welocalize and Park IP. I was excited to experience such a unique opportunity to live “a day in the life” at a different office.

Like Park IP, Agostini is a newer member to the Welocalize family, through acquisition, and works with highly specialized and regulated content. As well as sharing best practices, I wanted to see how Agostini retained its industry brand values while integrating into the Welocalize brand portfolio.

What was your main goal?

The translation of financial documents is similar to the general legal work we do at Park IP Translations.  Like Park IP, Agostini works on mergers and acquisitions, corporate communications, legal agreements, and compliance and regulatory documents.

I wanted to get an insight into the Agostini workflow, exploring and developing upon any best practices, which in turn I could bring back to the Park IP team to enhance our current processes.

What did you learn on your exchange?

getting to know agostiniWith the shift towards standardization across the industry and company, during my time at Agostini I witnessed first-hand the importance of having the same production platform in place across different offices. This is to ensure further high quality and consistency for our clients. As a company, we offer our clients such a wide breadth of language services across all operations, throughout their entire globalization and localization journey. It only makes sense that we should want them to benefit and experience our expertise in the same seamless way across all Welocalize companies.

Did you learn something new about the local culture and company?

On a company level, I realized the importance of having a shared value system. When speaking with various Agostini team members, one word kept popping up when describing their translation services: quality. It is in the quality of translation, quality of customer service, quality in every action taken during the day. At Park IP and Agostini, we both have such a strong commitment to quality, which is one of Welocalize’s core company 4-pillars.

Culturally, there’s a reason why Italy is known for its warmth, hospitality and of course delicious food! Everyone at Agostini was fantastic and very welcoming! I’m very fortunate to have experienced it first-hand.

What would you say about your experience overall?

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience! Not only did I get to see Agostini’s operations, I even participated in the Welocalize Road Show in Milan that was hosted by Welocalize CEO Smith Yewell and some of the Welocalize executive team. A good reminder of the positive effect of transparent, compassionate and strong leadership! The whole trip was an inspiration and I would encourage anyone to broaden their ideas and knowledge by taking part in a similar program.

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