Park IP Translations 2016 Client Survey NPS Results

Client Survey Park IP Translations 2016Park IP is renowned for our passionate legal and language experts, who work hard to earn our clients trust and to deliver exceptional legal translation services.  To ensure we are achieving delivering the best service to our clients, we conduct a client survey twice a year consisting of three simple questions to help us gather valuable insights and measure our success by a Net Promoter® Score (NPS).

The NPS score can vary considerably from industry to industry and culture to culture.  Essentially, the highest performing organizations typically have a score between +50 and +80.  According to Reichheld, the creator of NPS, the average American company scores less than +10.  Park IP Translations is in the upper end of the highest performing organizations bracket across all industries.

The Park IP Translations NPS score for the February 2016 Client Survey is +70.

We recently surveyed 2,005 people in February 2016 using a NPS methodology to provide us with important feedback about our client’s experience and interests.  The NPS methodology is based on asking customers three questions to predict repurchase and referral, essentially measuring customer loyalty to our company.

NPS Survey Question #1: How likely is it that you would recommend Park IP Translations to a friend or colleague?

The NPS scoring for this question is based on a scale from 0 to 10. On the scale, 1 equates to not at all likely to recommend and 10 is extremely likely to recommend.  Our average score in the survey was 9.2, with the majority indicating they are extremely likely to recommend Park IP Translations to a friend or colleague.

Survey Question #2: How likely are you to utilize our services in 2016?

More than 96% of our customers said they were likely to utilize our services again with the highest number of respondents stating they were extremely likely.  This question provides us with important information and helps us to understand where we have opportunities to exceed expectations and address challenges to meet our clients’ legal language service needs now and in the future.

Survey Question #3: What language service topics are of interest to you?

This question allows us to identify industry trends and understand the topics that are valuable to our customers’ workflow in 2016.  Here are the top 10 topics selected by the survey participants.

  1. Patents
  2. Foreign Filings
  3. General Legal Translation
  4. Past Experience
  5. Best Practices for Patent and Corporate Professionals
  6. Client Portal Technology
  7. Machine Translation and Automation
  8. Litigation Document Translation
  9. Regulated Industries
  10. General Translation and Localization

Park IP Translations will continue to use these subjects to guide our communications and efforts to share our expertise.

If you would like to learn more about our survey, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

Kéara Richardson, J.D.

Kéara is the Marketing and Sales Operations Manager at Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company.

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