Park IP Highlights from NYU Translation and MT Event

Rachel Lord at NYU Translation EventRachel Lord, Senior Director of Global Operations at Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company, recently took part in a panel discussion at a translation and MT event hosted by NYU School of Professional Studies. The event, Machine Translation, CAT Tools and the Shifting Landscape of the Translation Industry, featured six panelists including Rachel Lord and Elaine O’Curran, Welocalize Training Manager for Language Tools. In this blog, Rachel sums up the main discussion points from the lively Q&A session, which took place at the NYU campus in New York City with more than 50 participants.

The foundation of the panel discussion at this NYU event was whether computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools save time, increase translation output and help the translator to produce more accurate and higher quality translations.

Free online translation tools are popular and widely available and they probably affect everyone in their everyday lives. Once you start talking about the role of machine translation (MT) in a commercial setting for use in global business, then the discussions get deeper and way beyond the output any free online translation tool can offer today.

Park IP Translations and Welocalize translate millions of words a year. In 2014, the Welocalize Group, which includes Park IP Translations, translated 956 million words into 157 languages. We use MT for some clients, depending on the content and business needs.

At Park IP, we translate specialized legal content; therefore, high quality and accuracy is essential. We use trained MT engines for our clients to increase translation volumes, reduce time and cost. Taking part on this panel discussion gave me a great opportunity to share some of our real-life experiences and expertise of using MT and CAT tools in high impact translation projects.

The audience was particularly keen to hear about trends with machine translation and post-editing. There is continual innovation in this area and so new opportunities are being created all the time. My colleague and language tools expert, Elaine O’Curran, fielded many of the MT questions. She gave a useful overview of the history of MT, describing the differences between rules-based MT, statistical MT and hybrid.

Freelance translators in the audience expressed a range of feelings about post-editing work, ranging from some who did not want to work on “pushing buttons” to others who found the work interesting and liked the efficiency. There were interesting discussions on whether translation was being “commoditized” as a result of MT and CAT tools.

The panelists argued that that clients’ budgets and demand for translation services were growing, and that CAT tools, as well as MT, could assist linguists in delivering many text types in the fast turnaround times that are now becoming standard business practice. It would be fair to say that a global business setting, human translation will never be replaced by MT. CAT and MT are simply tools used in the overall localization process, depending on clients’ needs.

NYU-SCPS-new-100The Q&A format really engaged the audience of over 50 participants and the questions kept coming for the duration of the three hour event. It was a good mix of industry experts, translators and academia, so we were able to discuss topics from all angles. If you want to know more about events taking place at NYU School of Professional Studies, click here.

If you have any questions on Park IP Translations and our MT program, please send me an email.


The event panelists pictured below include:

Steven Gendell, NYU, Translation & Interpreting Coordinator, Andrea Cabrera, Eriksen Translations, Language Technology Manager, Jon Ritzdorf, Moravia, Solutions Architect, Anne Fassotte, UN, Senior Reviser French Translation Service, Rachel Lord, Senior Director of Global Operations at Park IP Translations, Eileen Hennessy, Translator and NYU Adjunct Professor in Translation Studies Program and Elaine O’Curran, Welocalize Training Manager for Language Tools.

NYU School of Professional Studies Event Panel April 2015

NYU School of Professional Studies Event Panel April 2015














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