Park IP Exchange Program Welcomes Participants from China to New York

flora + royTwo China-based employees at Park IP Translations recently took part in the company office exchange program. Flora Wang is a DTP Team Lead based in Jinan and Roy Luo is a Senior Translator based in Beijing. The pair spent a week at the Park IP Translations office in New York City for some valuable face time with their overseas colleagues. In this blog, Flora and Roy share their experiences and recap on their journey.

Why did you want to take part in the office exchange program?
The program appealed to us for numerous reasons. We have both worked at Park IP Translations for several years and taking part in the office exchange program was a great opportunity to visit Park IP’s headquarters in New York and to also learn and collaborate with our colleagues in person.

What was your main goal?
We wanted to further our knowledge, share best practices and learn new technical skills with the New York team. We wanted to learn how we could ‘do things differently’ by spending valuable one-on-one time with our peers and colleagues.

What did you learn?
Through face-to-face communication, we learned a great deal. We were so impressed with the highly collaborative spirit that our fellow employees showed. Everyone was so welcoming and eager to listen and share. To begin with, we learned about our colleague’s roles and what they entailed on a day-to-day basis. During this period, we gained a wealth of knowledge regarding operational procedures and workflows. The team we collaborated with were so dynamic and friendly! We learned about worksheets and how to increase efficiency in our work in China. Through our discussions, we learned how to leverage software tools to help with QA processes and accuracy with numbers, spelling and abbreviations, in addition to improving consistency in translations. On our return to China, we have been able to greatly improve our efficiency in our daily translation work.

Did you learn something new about the local culture and company?
New York is a busy, bustling city and we were lucky to arrive to warm hospitality. In non-working hours, we were accompanied by our generous New York colleagues and visited local attractions, such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. We were also lucky enough to taste a variety of local cuisines. We were especially moved by our colleague’s friendship and company throughout the trip, both during the week and throughout the weekend.

What would you say about your experience overall?
There are so many wonderful things about our experience! The whole trip was full of inspiration, excitement and fruitfulness! Taking part in the Welocalize office exchange program was unforgettable. We’ve been able to bring back valuable knowledge to colleagues in Jinan and Beijing.

Interview by Jack Rainey, Welocalize Global Marketing and Sales Support Team.

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