Park IP and Welocalize Office Exchange Program from New York to Oregon

Based in New York City, Tamas Szabo is a Project Manager at Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company. He recently spent a week at the Welocalize office in Portland, Oregon as part of our Office Exchange Program. We asked Tamas to share his experiences from Portland and recap his journey.

Why did you want to take part in the exchange?
As a Welocalize company, Park IP shares the same values and goals; however, the exchange is an opportunity to learn and understand the localization side of the Welocalize business. I joined Park IP 14 months ago and was very happy to have the opportunity to visit another office to understand all aspects of the business and to see what Welocalize may do different operationally and how we could learn from each other.

What was your main goal in your visit to Portland?
My main goal was to identify best practices and to learn the techniques that work well for the Portland team. By learning these effective procedures I could bring them back to my operations team in New York City, our headquarters for Park IP Translations. As a project manager, I was really interested in how the role may vary at Welocalize compared to the same position at Park IP. One of my main observations was that the project managers have more client interaction. Contrary to Park, the project managers engage with the client throughout the process and take on similar responsibilities of an account manager with respect to building a relationship with the client outside of the business development manager.  At Park IP, this is a shared responsibility.

What did you do while you were visiting Portland?
One of the most memorable and enjoyable things I did while in Portland was volunteering at Oregon Food Bank with some of the team members. For more than a year, the Portland office has been participating in charitable work and volunteering four times a year at the Oregon Food Bank. We spent the evening repacking and labeling dry and fresh bulk food to go out to the local community. It’s a great idea and not only do you give back to the community, you are also interacting with your co-workers in a charitable and fun setting. It was a great team building exercise and an opportunity to get to know people outside of the office environment. Last year, the Oregon Food Bank distributed 44.2 million pounds of food to hunger-relief agencies through the help of the volunteers. It was a great experience and I intend on finding similar opportunities in New York to present to my office.

What would you say about your experience overall?
I gained a wealth of knowledge of business operations that was facilitated by the dynamic team in Portland. Everyone was friendly and helpful, no question or task was too small or too big. They foster a very creative and focused environment but still maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Portland is very different from New York! Portland is clean and moves at a slower pace which was a nice change. I really liked the city motto “Keep Portland Weird” and felt the people wore this motto with pride!

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