Our Culture

Our Culture

Park IP Translations, founded in 2005, has more than a team of experts dedicated solely to providing legal and regulated industry translation services. We are part of Welocalize, 1,500+ team members, inhabiting 20+ offices around the world. At Park IP, we translate millions of “legal” words every year into more than 175 different languages and together with Welocalize, we manage more than a billion words every year for our valued clients. That’s an average of 3.2 million a day!

We are leaders, enthusiasts, experts with a passion for legalese and language. Our team consists of artists, athletes, learners, and teachers. We seek the better way to do things and to do them differently. We’re dedicated to the art of high-quality language services and delivering more than just words.

Our foundation and purpose is built on 4-pillars: customer service, global teamwork, innovation and quality.

We are a company led by a soldier turned CEO and an eclectic executive team. They set the direction and empower a culture that celebrates differences, takes ownership of challenges, continually learns, and has fun while doing it. We embrace and celebrate when someone comes to the table with a different idea or a new way of looking at things. We push each other to not stand still but move forward through personal and professional growth. And through it all, we enjoy being together and evolving our culture.

We are ONE global family with ONE collective goal – to revolutionize the industry by doing things differently.

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