Park IP Translations Plug-In for Relativity

Translation Plug-In for Relativity

Park IP Translations has partnered with kCura®, the market leader in e-discovery management software. We have developed a unique API plug-in technology that enables access to Park IP’s machine and human translation resources directly from the Relativity® platform.

Case teams are able to conduct earlier first-pass review of foreign language documents with English-speaking reviewers via your existing e-discovery process. Workflows are virtually uninterrupted.

Depending upon translation requirements, document translations can be produced and delivered immediately. All translated text is automatically delivered back to the Relativity platform and mapped to the source location. From “gist” translation, for relevancy determination, to high quality human translation for critical case documents, the process is simplified and costs are drastically reduced.


Unique Benefits 

Park IP Translations knows how critical e-discovery is to your litigation case and we also know how the process can be arduous. When multilingual documents are part of the document review process, the complexity expounds exponentially, increasing time to completion and increasing costs.

Our objective is to reduce the pain of multilingual document e-discovery by producing cost efficient, quality and flexible solutions. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect.

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation with Light Post-Editing

Human Translation (Non-Certified)

Human Translation (Certified)

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