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Park IP Translations understands your litigation needs. We are translation and process experts and we serve global law firms, enterprises and legal professionals. We create defensible, tailored end-to-end human, machine plus human and machine hybrid translation solutions for all your legal and litigation requirements. We use and customize leading translation automation technology and our highly-skilled translators and post-editors of machine translated output for optimal results. Our clients depend upon us to deliver on-time, accurate and quality services within budget — every time!

Litigation Translation

We provide translation for 175 languages of all content types and have a truly global reach with 20+ offices located around the world. Park handles all translation requirements for high profile cases involving multiple sites, complex logistical challenges and tight deadlines with ease. Park IP has participated in cases including the Auto-parts Antitrust Litigation, the LCD litigation, CRT litigation, Printer Cartridge litigation, Imaging Devices litigation, Wireless Devices litigation (multiple), among many others. Additionally, Park IP Translations played an active role in roughly 25% of all section 337 ITC investigations in 2013.

Why Park IP Translations Litigation Services?

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Benefits of Park Litigation Language Solutions

  1. Secure, confidential and scalable domain-specific customized machine translation solutions
  2.  Immediate understanding of corpus of foreign language documents
  3. Translation completed in days versus weeks
  4. Leverage expertise and speed of existing English speaking review team
  5. Keeps first pass review at lower costs
  6. Maintains quality decision making

Practice Areas:

Our translation management experience is evident through our ability to assist our clients during any stage of the litigation process. Examining and translating patents, lab notebooks, trademarks and other IP litigation documentation, is made easy by our project management team’s organizational skills, supported by proprietary industry leading document and project management technology.

For a full overview, click here: Park IP Litigation Solutions Overview

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