Litigation Language Solutions

Park IP Translations understands your litigation needs. We are translation and process experts and we serve global law firms, enterprises and legal professionals.

We create defensible, tailored end-to-end human, machine plus human and machine hybrid translation solutions for all your legal and litigation requirements. We use and customize leading translation automation technology and our highly-skilled translators and post-editors of machine translated output. Read more here: Park IP Litigation Services

Litigation Language Solutions - Process

Six Benefits of Park Litigation Language Solutions

  1. Secure, confidential and scalable domain-specific customized machine translation solutions 
  2. Immediate understanding of corpus of foreign language documents
  3. Translation completed in days versus weeks
  4. Leverage expertise and speed of existing English speaking review team
  5. Keeps first pass review at lower costs
  6. Maintains quality decision making

Download the complete overview here: Litigation and Language


Whether you need certified human translations or enhanced machine translations for large foreign language datasets, Park IP Translations provides you the confidence to conduct all your legal translation work securely, cost-effectively, in an efficient and defensible manner.

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