Julia Yewell



In 1997, Smith and Julia Yewell founded Welocalize, with Smith filling the role of CEO and Julia taking on the job of overseeing two crucial areas of the company: accounting and personnel. 19 years later, she is still productively working in the Finance Department and largely responsible for building Welocalize’s strong, versatile, and uniquely gifted workforce. Julia is an expert at bringing money in, but her true gift is in getting the right people. Julia comes from a very diverse background and is fluent in four languages and her special talent for understanding and connecting with others. She holds a BA degree in Economics and Accounting from the University of Latvia and the University of Heidelberg.

Prior to co-founding Welocalize, Julia started her own successful company in Riga, Latvia, manufacturing and selling leather accessories. She is a mother, a wife and a caretaker; loves her dog and cherishes her friends and family. Her hobbies and interests reflect her eclectic view of life; from traveling to new and fascinating places, sharing and savoring favorite wines with friends, and reading whenever she has a free moment to do so. Her joie de vivre and appreciation of the talents, perspectives and the values that staff members and clients bring to the company are the major reasons Welocalize is able to do things differently – and better – than anyone else.

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