Interpreting Advancements in Language Technology

By Joe Pulomena, Park IP Translations Interpretation Manager

477883489At the recent event, GALA New York 2016, language professionals had a great opportunity to check out some positive changes happening in the industry. These improvements are especially apparent for interpretation, a service that is modernizing to meet the business needs of today.

Here are some important interpreting technological takeaways to take from the conference:

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Technology is Getting Smarter

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a relatively new development in the industry, and has taken some time to become integrated with apps and mobile devices. People find VRI useful only to the degree that it is quickly accessed. Naturally, VRI that is compatible with mobile devices increases convenience and accessibility.

A great use-case for VRI is healthcare. Seeing patients and doctors increases accuracy when providing interpretation service, which is especially important when a person’s health depends on correct interpretation. It makes a big difference now that technology has developed to allow doctors to get an interpreter through their smartphone or tablet with similar ease to Skype or FaceTime with friends and family.

Language is No Longer a Barrier when Having Online Meetings

There are now innovative platforms that provide a solution similar to WebEx or GoToMeeting, while adding support for real-time language interpretation. These technologies can support multiple language pairs simultaneously, creating a seamless experience for all conference attendees.

For multinational businesses, this will become a frequently sought-after solution for their webinars and conference calls with global participants. The technology allows meetings to occur that weren’t otherwise possible, like conducting regular meetings with Spanish-speaking engineering teams, arranging conference calls with Mandarin-speaking clients, and holding company-wide webinars with global participants.

Phone Interpreting can Reduce the Friction of Communicating Internationally

Breakthroughs in technology solve some interesting problems; however, it is always refreshing to see how more established technology can be leveraged in new and different ways. Multinational businesses can take advantage of on-demand phone interpreting (OPI) as a way to facilitate global communication.

OPI allows professionals to immediately communicate with clients and colleagues around the world, regardless of language. Think of the internal operational efficiencies possible for a global company: making a phone call instead of arranging a flight, speaking directly to international clients and suppliers without the need for translation, and instantly communicating with internal colleagues around the world in any language.

In the coming years, we can expect interpreting technology to improve the speed, quality, and accessibility of global communication. As that happens, both buyers and sellers of interpretation must be prepared for an increased impact in people’s day-to-day business. Smarter technology will not only improve the range of services multilingual technology companies can offer, as well as grow potential markets for businesses of all industries that want to increase their global reach.


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