Professional Interpretation Services

The core of our business is helping clients convey meaning between languages. Park IP Interpretation Services provide professional interpreters, either on-site or over-the-phone, to accommodate a wide range of business communication needs.  We can accommodate your small, one-on-one engagements, as well as your large-scale events and symposiums.  Our interpreters are highly skilled linguists, effective cultural liaisons and industry experts, many of whom hold court certifications. The Park IP Interpretation team of experts will collaborate with you to identify your needs and ensure that your interpretation engagement is flawless.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation is ideal for one-on-one communication and small meetings. Typically, one interpreter sequentially translates statements and questions from one party to another at the end of each thought or statement.

Consecutive Interpretation is commonly used in:

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation is best suited for large-scale, high-attendance events.  This one-to-many interpretation service requires the interpreter to maintain high levels of concentration and many times necessitates a team of interpreters to ensure translation quality.  Park IP maintains a rich resource pool of professional, highly qualified, and experienced linguists who are industry experts.

Chuchotage (whispered interpretation) is also offered for small engagements.

Simultaneous Interpretation is commonly used for:

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services

Conducting global business often requires ad-hoc conversations with colleagues, vendors and clients who do not share a common language.  Park IP offers simple and efficient over-the-phone services that enable you to be connected with your party and interpreter in a matter of minutes.  No planning required.

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Escort Interpretation Services

When traveling to another country or hosting international visitors, Escort Interpretation is an option to consider.  Similar to consecutive interpretation, the escort interpreter will translate one-on-one conversations sequentially. They remain in your company, translating both formal and informal conversations, offering cultural insights during all engagements, from contract negotiation to ordering dinner.

Don’t let language be the barrier to global business endeavors.

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