Importance of Quality in Legal Translations

466728721Translation and localization can be a complex process that involves a number of specific skills and workflows. Translating legal documents is even more exacting, as even the slightest mistake will have potentially massive consequences.

Certain things must be kept in mind with legal translations. The source text is structured to follow the legal system from that source country and must conform to its own legal language and culture. The target text on the other hand will be read by another person and who will be familiar with their own language and legal system.

First and foremost, it must be acknowledged that the translation of legal documents must be undertaken by a seasoned specialist in the legal translation space.  There are many vendors on the market who promote themselves as legal experts; however, they often do not have the right experience and quality.

Having measurable methods of quality control in translation, particularly for legal, is essential to bring peace of mind and ensure proper due diligence. Whether our customer is a patent filer or litigator, they need to be sure that their documentation is secure and in safe, expert hands.

Any credible legal language service provider has to provide rigorous checks and processes to ensure that each and every one translation resources are more than qualified to deliver quality legal translations. Park IP Translations has a vetted and qualified pool of expert legal resources to call upon for translation.

Another key point that is often overlooked when faced with time and budget restraint is that there are varying forms of legal translation expertise. Just because you have identified a vendor with legal translations experience, does not mean that that you can apply them to all forms of legal work.  For example, patent translation is a skill in itself and there are only a limited number of high quality patent translators available. A

general legal translator should not be assigned a patent translation, unless it has been established that they have specific knowledge and experience of this area, as well of course as having subject matter knowledge of the patent invention.

Park IP continuously reviews, monitors and enhances the skills of each translator and we only work with the best experts in the market.  So whether you are looking to translate contracts, patents or indeed any general legal documents, it is always recommended that you insist upon full evidence of quality and process before engaging in any such service.


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