Highlights from the International Patent Forum 2015

GettyImages_141948570Park IP Translations sponsored and exhibited at the Managing Intellectual Property 2015 International Patent Forum recently held in London. This forum provides a great opportunity to hear valuable insights from some of the leading voices in intellectual property, as well as connect with global legal professionals and colleagues.

The spirit of the forum was once again international with presentations covering a diverse range of country-specific patent topics including the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and China.  Licensing, trade secrets, international litigation and transfer pricing were highlighted subjects covered during the two day event.

Highlight #1: Expertise Matters. The ongoing importance of expertise in this complex industry is critical. There are great similarities between the shroud of ignorance surrounding both intellectual property and IP translations. The public in general is just not aware of the complexities of effectively moving a patent-able concept from idea, to becoming a marketable product. IP translation is no different. After spending good money on getting a patent drafted and examined, why would you not look for the best in the field to translate it? It is imperative that when translating legal patent content, you use qualified experts who have great experience at translating this type of content.

Highlight #2: Increased Awareness. Fortunately, there are signs that things are changing in patent process awareness. On the heels of a number of high profile litigation cases, the public is slowly becoming more educated of the importance and clarity of IP. With this knowledge comes the understanding that it is both critical to be correctly represented by a competent attorney when filing abroad, as well as having a high quality translated patent. Cutting corners on either of these elements could be quite costly for the applicant and leave them picking up the pieces for many years to come.

Highlight #3: Protect Your Software. There was a very interesting presentation on Day One of the forum, delivered by a team of lawyers who works with or for leading software companies. Their presentation, “Software Patenting in the USA and Europe” covered a variety of topics and translation plays a key role here. Big US software companies have to ensure they are covered in key geographies and any legal patent applications or associated documentation must be in the language understood by the local patent office.

Highlight #4:  Align Patents to Strategy. The presentation “IP & Business Focus: Patent Monetization” detailed how to align your IP portfolio with the broader business strategy of your company to maximize profit. International growth drives many global enterprises and therefore, it is advised that an experienced legal language service provider is an integral part of the business and legal team.

The International Intellectual Property forum was a great success. It is an event that is very valuable for sharing best practices and detailing ways to protect, manage and maintain a global patent portfolio. Key to all the topics was the focus on credible, qualified and expert translations services.

Drop me a line if you attended and we did not get a chance to speak!  Tim.moorcroft@parkip.com

Tim Moorcroft

Based in Spain, Tim Moorcroft is Business Development Manager at Park IP Translations.

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