Highlights from Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property and Technology Institute Conference

ThinkstockPhotos-467765106Park IP Translations sponsored the recent 13th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property and Technology Institute Conference that took place in Colorado. Park IP participated as an exhibitor, sharing expertise on the best practices in legal languages solutions.

There was a buzz around certain hot topics at the event, including the AIA Aftershock with an unprecedented number of  national filings coming due by September 15, 2015.  It was important to share tips and advice to prepare for the large volume of patent applications due around the same time.  Park IP provided a helpful checklist, also available at www.toolatetotranslate.com.  Park IP also provided tips for increasing cost-efficiency in prosecution for international filings.

The Colorado IP Association is well-connected and there is a willingness to share the upcoming trends in the industry with one another. The topics included financing early stage technology companies, the M&A life cycle, emerging trends in e-Discovery in IP litigation, the aftermath of Alice Corp v. CLS Bank International and mobile security and privacy issues, among other current issues. There was great value in the shared best practices for maximizing value of trademark portfolios, a session facilitated by Sarah Schneider at Sheridan Ross and Emily Bayton at Lewis Roca Rothgerberger.

The panel speakers discussed how to ensure you positioned your portfolio to give you a competitive advantage and how to best promote enforcing your brand internationally. From a legal standpoint, they suggested setting up an aggressive enforcement program to monitor the international marketplace. In consideration, you must keep documentation in check showing due diligence and protection enforcement to eliminate the risk of litigation. It is also important to do your due diligence by maintaining records of use of the trademark to ensure continuous proper use of the mark across all products and service categories covered in the portfolio. You must also always consider registering your trademark across markets especially when you know which international markets you want to expand in as a proactive measure.

It was emphasized that failing to carefully review the reach of your trademark may impact your IP value and how effectively you can protect your IP assets. In order to address this concern, you must consider how to effectively transfer titles of trademarks in foreign jurisdictions and what is required to legalize and document in different countries to prevent limited coverage across markets that are key for the expansion of your brand.

To protect your brand across international markets, Park IP Translations can act as a consultant, as well as a preferred vendor, based on our experience in translating specialized legal content into 157 languages. It is our priority to protect our client’s IP assets by providing high quality translations while staying up-to-date on local market regulations.

If you want to know more about the Annual Rocky Mountain IP conference, click here or contact us and we can provide our insights from the noted panels and presentations. You can reach me at maria.llerena@parkip.com.

Maria Llerena

Maria is Business Development Director at Park IP Translations.  She consults with Fortune 500 clients and law firms about global IP best practices and partners to develop cost-effective streamlined processes that protect IP assets in the global marketplace. 

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