Highlights from 2016 AIPPI Annual World Congress

PARK IP AIPPA 2016 5Park IP Translations recently exhibited at the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) Annual World Congress in Milan. The Park IP team was on hand to discuss all matters related to foreign filing, including the importance of high quality translations and a centralized approach to filing and validations. Park IP Business Development Director Jonathan Laidler took part in the event and shares his key insights in this blog.

The AIPPI conference in Milan was fantastic and a very successful event for Park IP Translations. Many AIPPI attendees were keen to discuss how to overcome some of the challenges associated with managing patent translation and foreign filing. We met with clients and industry peers, and also learned a lot about the latest topics and trends that are impacting global IP.

Here are some of my main takeaways following the conference:

Quality is Everything. Almost everyone we spoke to at the conference has had bad experiences with patent translations in the past. Often, these problems had resulted in them incurring extra costs during prosecution. Some of these costs were unnecessary and could be avoided if they had partnered with a specialized partner, like Park IP. What often happens is that urgent deadlines typically result in IP and patent translation being carried out by foreign associates who aren’t legal language specialists, they come with a high price tag. This scenario often impacts overall translation quality which can have serious outcomes during prosecution. Quality is the first concern for our clients. Any translations must be 100% accurate when filing a patent internationally. Translating highly technical content requires the services of a trusted partner or vendor who have the necessary people, processes and technologies to manage patent translations.

Standardization of Processes. The President of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Francis Gurry, (WIPO) mentioned the importance of standardizing processes during his speech at the opening ceremony. This was a consistent theme in many conversations that Park IP had during the event, both with regards to translation and filing services. When dealing with foreign filing into multiple countries, there are vast benefits to be gained from standardizing and streamlining processes. Quality can be improved, costs more accurately measured and forecasted and significant amounts of administrative time can be reduced. More and more clients are looking to providers like Park IP to centralize their foreign filing processes.

Price isn’t the most important factor

So many delegates told us of their experiences with low cost providers of translation services or with local agents offering extremely low rates. Not all of these experiences were positive! It was a pleasure to discuss the importance of quality over price with so many people at the conference. Developing a long-term partnership with a specialized service provider does keep costs down in the long run as foreign filing and IP protection is more strategic. Clients benefits from the speed and high quality of using regular, specialist translators who are familiar with certain subject areas and appropriate scientific terminology.

By engaging in ongoing conversation and networking with industry peers, we were able to help clients see a clearer path to delivering global IP services to multilingual audiences and also learn more about some of the emerging challenges in the IP industry. The AIPPI congress in Milan also gave us a great experience of all things Italian, right from the superb opening ceremony through to the cultural evening at the Scala Opera House and the closing dinner reception.


If you would like to discuss any topics raised at the AIPPI World Congress, then please email me at jonathan.laidler@parkip.com

Based in Berlin, Jonathan Laidler is a Business Development Director at Park IP Translations.



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