Global Project Management at Park IP Translations

Day in the Life, Camille Neuner, Global Project Manager

headshot_CNeunerPark IP Global Project Manager, Camille Neuner, works remotely in Cleveland, Ohio where she oversees the translation projects for many of Park IP’s global clients. In this blog, Camille tells us about her experience as a Park IP Translations team member.

It was with a bit of luck that I came to be a Park IP Translations employee. After graduating from college, I had six interviews set up for the same day in New York City. The first five were undesirable, looking for people to conduct door-to-door sales in some unsavory neighborhoods of the city. I almost did not attend my interview with Park IP; however, I am glad that I did. I was relieved to see a group of people doing work in an actual office. The interview went better than expected, and I was offered a job on the spot.

In my time with Park IP, I have worn many different hats. I have transitioned from accounts payable, to financial analysis, to Operations Process Coordinator, and now Global Project Manager. These career opportunities within Park IP have taught me many invaluable skills and life lessons. I have also gained a greater understanding of the global legal and business world and the importance of having access to critical information in the right language.

I moved from NYC to Cleveland last year, and was able to remain at Park IP as a remote employee. I am grateful to work for a company that values its employees and allows flexibility in how the employees work. I have noticed my days play out much differently working remotely, and it has been a positive change for me. I start work each day at 8:30 AM EST sharp. I don’t have much of a pre-work morning routine, except making a large pot of coffee. When I worked in the NYC office I would have to commute for almost an hour to and from the office, whereas now I simply walk to my desk in my living room. My morning typically consists of going through my emails and working on various project management tasks, including checking for confirmations on new projects and handling files that have come in from different stages of the translation process. I also take this time to check on any handover items from our China or Europe teams that may need immediate attention.

My afternoon is spent coordinating for active projects, preparing deliverables for our clients, and working on any special projects, usually consisting of process efficiency initiatives. Our global project management team is a close-knit family and it is easy to communicate and collaborate with my colleagues even though I’m not in the office. Global teamwork is so important at Park IP. We work with internal teams and organizations all over the world and everyone brings their own expertise to the table to ensure our clients receive the best legal language services.

My workday typically ends at 5:30 PM EST, often later if it is a hectic day.  After work, I enjoy spending my evenings exploring Cleveland’s culinary and craft cocktails offerings or reading a good book. I try to keep myself from checking my emails once I’ve logged off for the night, but that does not always work. I’m a bit of a night owl, so I don’t head to bed until 1:00 AM or so, but that leaves me with about 6-7 hours for sleep so that I awake the next day feeling refreshed and ready to start the whole process over again!

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