Getting to Know Park IP Translations

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

You may already know a lot about Park IP Translations. We are a Welocalize company and we are a leader in providing legal language services, providing the largest number of patent translations in the world. Park IP provides expert localization and translation services to patent and legal professionals around the globe. You may also know that we provide translation services in more than 157 languages, as well as filing-ready documentation for more than 60 countries. We have 13 global offices located in United Kingdom, China, Japan, Italy, Ireland and the United States.

Where are some interesting facts you might not know about Park IP Translations:

Fact #1:
Park IP Translations translated over 154.2 million words last year. That is the equivalent to translating more than 262 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, which has 587,287 words.

Fact #2:
The Park IP Business Development Team made over 77,000 calls in 2014 spending over 2,861 hours on the phone to clients and colleagues.  We will see double digit growth in those numbers in 2015.

Fact #3:
Park IP Translations is a brand of Welocalize, which is the 4th largest language service provider in the US and the 9th Largest in the world, according to the Common Sense Advisory’s 2015 Language Market Report.

Fact #4:
Out of the 154.2 million words we translated in 2014, more than 27 million were translated into Japanese. In 2015, Japanese continues to be the #1 language, followed by Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil) and then Korean.

Fact #5:
Park IP Translations has experience and expertise in legal language translation for more than 39 industries,  from agriculture to nanotechnology and biotech to telecommunications

Fact #6:
The top 10 translated languages by Park IP in 2014 have a collective total of 132.3 million translated words, which is the equivalent to the entire population of the United Kingdom and France speaking one word each!  (Source:

Fact #7:
Last year the fantastic team at Park IP translated over 12,323 patents. This is equivalent to 4% of the total patents granted in the USA in 2014.

Fact #8:
Park IP completed 1,786 foreign filings in 2014, 465 of which were patents.  The anticipated filings in 2015 due to the AIA Aftershock will show a significant increase in filings this year.

Fact #9:
Last year the Park IP team processed a total of 8,853 projects, an average of 24 a day over the year. That’s one project every hour!  Breaking this record, Park IP Translations managed nearly 5,700 projects just in the first half of 2015!

Fact #10:
Park IP’ headquarters are located in beautiful New York City.  Did you know that over half of the 8 million people who reside in New York speak more than one language. Many of Park IP Translations team members are bilingual and some multilingual.

Park IP Translations growth comes from building long-term partnerships with our valued clients.  For more than 10 years, Park IP Translations has worked with some of the world’s largest corporate patent owners and law firms to provide specialized legal language services. We will continue to lead the way by meeting our client’s needs today and in the future.  This is fundamental to our commitment to innovation, global teamwork, customer service and quality!

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