Getting to Know Park IP Translations Operations

A Day in the Life of Nicole Sheehan, Regional Director of Operations at Park IP Translations, a Welocalize Company

getting to know park ip.jpgWe are proud to launch a new “Getting to Know” series of blog posts for Welocalize and Park IP Translations. The people and talent differentiate us in the legal translation industry. We believe that the best way to highlight this, beyond the work that we do every day, is to have our team members share with you a day in their life – in their words. This is a new view into the diversity, culture and expertise that makes up Park IP Translations and our ongoing commitment to doing things differently.

Not many people can say that they can wake up for work after 8 and still get to the office on time. I am notorious for answering emails from my colleagues in China at all hours, so it works well that Park IP Translations’ New York office does not officially start business until 9:00 AM.  After a ten minute stroll, complete with dodging several tourists taking pictures of the Empire State Building, I arrive at the office, visit the Keurig, and start my day.

Park IP Translations’ Early Days

Six years ago, I joined Park IP, which was a 15 person start-up formerly located near Central Park. Though I was hired as a Business Development Analyst, I soon became familiarized with all facets of the business from researching new leads to preparing the company’s first binder of training material for new hires. Within a few years, it became clear that my background better suited me for a position within our Operations Department. I now sit as the Regional Director of Operations, directly overseeing the project management, as well as working to equip the team with the people and processes necessary to support our continued growth in specialized legal translations.

Park IP Translations’ Evolving Goals

For years, Park IP has focused its efforts on manage double digit growth.  In addition to natural growth in our business and increasing demand for specialized legal language services, Park’s biggest challenge this year was to prepare and conquer what the patent world is referring to as the AIA Foreign Filing Aftershock occurring in and around September.

Park has an extremely fast-paced culture, largely driven by imminent filing deadlines. It is not an uncommon request for a client to need us to translate words faster than I can even read them. It is due to this fast-paced culture that I can rattle off filing information and requirements for nearly every country off the top of my head. I love the challenges presented to me and the opportunities to learn new information every day.

The Day-to-Day

There is no such thing as a typical day at Park IP. In fact, the only predictable thing about my day is that it will be filled with meetings. I frequently meet with my team leads to hear about any progress or challenges the team is facing. I meet with management to discuss success and opportunities for continuous improvement. In addition, I spend time meeting with our developers to implement updates to our technologies, Falcon or InSight. Each week also includes a handful of interviews, as we search to find talented new hires to join our growing team.

Between the meetings, I check my emails to see what the day has in store for me. It could include working with the sales team to prepare rate proposals for clients, finding creative solutions for our clients’ needs or looking into client feedback on a completed translation.  On a busy day, you can even find me scoping projects or following up with translators.

While this might seem a bit hectic, I really enjoy the day-to-day variety. Despite our growth, Park IP still has that small company feel. I work with a great team of people that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with, inside and outside of the office. Sure, there are busy days when everyone is on edge; however, it’s truly remarkable to see how far we have come over the last six years and all that we have accomplished together.

I end the day just as I started, at the Keurig in search of a cup of coffee. Some days I leave the office by 6:30 PM and others I can leave as late as 9:00 PM, if there is still work to be done. After my dreaded trip to the gym, I experiment in the kitchen and sit down with my dinner to binge-watch whatever is my current show of the week.


And that is a day in the life of Nicole Sheehan, Regional Director of Operations at Park IP Translations. She is making a difference for our team, clients and Park IP Translations.

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