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Day in the Life of Tim Moorcroft, Business Development Director, Park IP Translations

ideaBased in Europe, Tim Moorcroft is a Business Development Director at Park IP Translations. He is responsible for developing key relationships and creating legal translation solutions for clients and legal firms across multiple continents.  In this blog, he talks about legal translations and his typical working day.

I work with clients all over Europe, Australia and Asia. That means I am working in a lot of time zones! Unless I am visiting clients or prospects, I work from home in Madrid, Spain. My working day starts early, often about 5:00 AM when I speak with my Australian clients. As the day progresses, I transition to working with clients in Asia, moving onto Northern Europe with clients in places like Finland, then to the more local clients in Western Europe. I’m always conscious of the clock because I want to ensure I am available to my clients no matter where they are located. I’m lucky that I don’t require much sleep!

My role is very much consultative and solutions-based. Translation is an integral part of the overall IP and patent world because it is such a global industry. It is a fundamental part of the process and something you have to get right, from foreign filing to prior art, right through to big international litigation suits. Getting legal content and documentation translated accurately and to high standards is no easy task and it takes expert knowledge. It’s not just about documentation. We often work with clients to provide interpretation services, sometimes at quite short-notice.

Working in the legal translation industry is hard work and fun. Every call and face-to-face meeting is different. Each morning, I start work with an excited feeling of not knowing what the day will bring. I speak with end clients and often with their in-house counsel, along with global law firms. The most important part of developing the right translation solution for anyone in the legal sector is to listen and fully understand how they use translation so we can tailor our service to meet their ongoing needs and leverage activities for future benefits. For example, ensuring translation memories and terminology management tools are in place and utilized fully can be a huge benefit to our clients.

One of the big growth areas currently gathering momentum is the demand for more specialization. Traditionally, clients and law firms would previously send documents over to foreign associates for translation. Industry reports demonstrate that this approach is high risk due to little governance and control over the final translation quality. It is right that anyone using legal translation should ask and have input to the desired translation quality levels. When attorneys draft patents, they take time to wordsmith the patent so it is specific or broad enough to protect the invention against infringement and litigation – a costly path to go down.

With so much time, care and money spent drafting a patent, it makes sense for the same attention be paid to any and all translated versions. Patent translation must be completed to the same levels of diligence as the source document. Clients now want more say in the process, asking more questions, wanting to know who is translating and how they going to achieve high levels of quality and output. And rightly so.

By engaging a legal tranTim Moorcroft slations expert, the client minimizes risk. What makes Park IP Translations different is the people. Time and time again I am told how impressed clients are with the dedication, diligence, and quality standards reached on any project that the Park IP team handles. We have great people, with a great culture, working all over the world, 24/7.

Exactly when my day ends is difficult to say. Sometimes, there is not enough time in the day. I see that as a big compliment. Park IP Translations solutions are in high demand and we work hard as to meet that demand every day, every hour and all year long.



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