Getting to Know Park IP Translations Business Development

Day in the Life, Kris Jeffrey, Business Development Director

186909274 - CopyBased in London, Kris Jeffrey works as a Business Development Director at Park IP Translations. Prior to joining Park IP, Kris ran a translation company just outside of London for over six years, specializing in market research, technical and legal translations for global clients. He is focused on developing and delivering legal translation solutions, including foreign filing and EP validation work, for clients all over the world. In this blog, Kris shares some of the highlights of a typical working day.

My ideal day would be spent 100% on calls and in face-to-face meetings with clients and prospective clients. My typical day also has to involve a certain amount of administration and catching up on the high volume of emails that land in my inbox. My day starts early, working through those emails and starting my calls to clients who are based in different time-zones. I’m often talking with Singapore and Hong Kong by around 7:00 AM, then continuing discussions with India, Saudi Arabia then moving towards Northern then Western Europe. I have a lot of clients who I work closely with in Scandinavia, mainly Denmark and Sweden, extending to Norway, Iceland and Finland.

The sheer range and diversity of those I speak with on a daily basis shows you how far-reaching and impactful legal translation is in the world. Law firms and corporate counsel, has to keep things moving 24/7 in the legal translation industry. It is important for everyone involved in a legal process to fully understand the context of all content, whether patents, foreign filing, EP validation or litigation.

I deal mainly with the top-tier IP law firms as well as many patent and trademark agencies and end-clients with in-house counsel. Most are dealing with patent translations and foreign filing for PCT phase. A big growth area for many of my strategic accounts is the increase in demand for EP validation work. The reason people are turning to Park IP to complete their EP validation process is because we apply the same quality measures to EP validation as PCT application. We have a consultative approach to our work. We don’t conduct one-off transactional business because we want clients to benefit from a long term partnership. We become an important and strategic part of the overall legal team because we are experts at legal translation.

Many firms are realizing the importance of quality control in the translation process. Handing over patent translation to a foreign associate means often not knowing what resources are working on the translations or having any direct control on translation quality. I ask many clients the question, “Do your current providers have a measurable method of quality control?

Park IP has the expertise and infrastructure to support global clients. We have measures in place for quality and pride ourselves on delivering exactly what the client wants. We are confident about the quality of our work that we offer including our great foreign associates partners who review our translations to prove it is of suitable high quality and will not affect patent ability or scope. We’ve never failed in this regard!

The Park IP team really does deliver an excellent service. I’m lucky to be able to say that when my day is spent purely on calls or in face-to-face meetings, I have a very high success rate due to the whole Park IP team because we are focused on delivering excellent expertise and a high quality service every day.


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