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General Legal Translation Services

We have extensive capabilities and expertise delivering translations in connection with a wide range of legal documents and materials including arbitration, human resource, government and compliance, employment agreements, contracts, licensing activities, IP enforcement activities, immigration, opinion work, contracts for professional services and more.

We provide translation in more than 175 languages for legal documents, forms and letters and legally-binding agreements for acceptance by courts and government agencies around the world. Our team is versed in the international requirements and translation for critical legal court filings in jurisdictions throughout the world, including summons and complaints, evidentiary and financial documents, judicial proceedings and foreign statutes.

Documentation Specialties:

We work with every client to create a customer-centric solution to meet all their legal translation requirements, no matter the language or type of legal content. Our flexible approach to service all our client’s translation needs is supported by our rigid protocols in security, quality and service. When it comes to legal translation, we understand what it takes to deliver sensitive content on time, in budget and at exceptional quality standards. Our team project managers, in-country reviewers and native speaking translators are vetted through stringent testing and experience evaluations to ensure they have the skills and expertise for specialized work with law firms and corporations. It is part of our quality assurance process and enables us to meet our no tolerance for error approach in delivering the highest quality legal translation.

We apply the same ISO 9001:2015 Certified quality process and workflow management to all our general legal translations services for maximizing efficiency and on-time delivery.

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