PCT National Phase Entry

PCT National Phase Entry Overview

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is a popular platform used by many inventors, companies, research organizations, and law firms seeking patent protection internationally. Although a worldwide patent does not exist, the PCT is an avenue for centralized initial applications extending protection across more than 130 countries and regions around the world. Applicants file under the PCT within 12 months of filing their priority application. The PCT process is then categorized into two phases: the international phase and the national phase.

During the international phase, applicants decide which individual PCT countries and/or regions they wish to target for long-term patent protection. The deadline for entering PCT National Phase often occurs 30 or 31 months after the earliest priority date. At this point, applicants must file national applications with each individual country and/or region of interest. Each local patent office has separate requirements for application materials and language translation when applying for protection under PCT National Phase.

Park IP Foreign Filing PCT National Phase Entry Services

Once an applicant has decided where to file in the national phase, Park IP Foreign Filing coordinates everything. Simply inform us what regions you have decided on and we coordinate the rest- preparing filing instructions, informing agents abroad, preparing the translations and keeping an eye on the 30 or 31 month deadline. Once we obtain your signature on the necessary documents, you can rest assured your case is being filed across the world and simply wait for your filing receipts.

Park IP coordinates everything related to the PCT National Phase filing process. Our experienced IP professionals consult with clients regarding filing regulations, and assist with the development of an international filing strategy, if needed. Once a customized filing strategy is devised, our professionals implement the strategy, seamlessly coordinating with clients and associates across all target jurisdictions to satisfy requirements, on schedule and without hassle.

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