EP Validation

EP Validation

EP Validation Overview

Applicants seeking patent protection in Europe can apply for a regional European Patent. European Patents are granted by the European Patent Office (EPO), and can extend protection in more than 35 European countries. The European Patent application process consists of two phases: the grant phase and the validation phase.

The grant phase begins after the European Patent application is filed. During the grant phase, the European Patent application goes through examination and grant procedures at the EPO. Examination fees and translations are required to complete the grant phase, which can take anywhere from three to five years.

The validation phase takes place after a European Patent is granted, wherein applicants must validate the European Patent in each target country. In order for the European Patent to be valid, applicants must fulfill validation requirements in each individual country by the European Validation deadline, which occurs three months after a European Patent is granted by the EPO. The validation requirements in many countries include translation of the application.

Park IP EP Validation Services

Park IP Translations offers a unique, one-stop service for applicants to validate a patent across Europe. Once an applicant has decided where to validate, Park IP coordinates everything. Simply inform our team what region(s) you have decided on, and we coordinate the rest. We will prepare filing instructions, inform agents abroad, prepare the translations and monitor progress. Upon receipt of your signature on the necessary documents, your case is being filed across the world. Confirmation is made with filing receipts.

With the Park IP EP Validation service, EP Validation is a cost-effective process with predictable costs and limited administration, regardless of how many regions. Get an upfront bottom-line estimate for each region and use our fixed estimates to help shape your international filing strategy. We offer one invoice in one currency, regardless of the number of regions in which you validate.

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