Direct Filing

Direct Filing

Direct Filing Overview

Inventors, companies, research institutions, or law firms can file for international patent protection directly with a national or regional patent office. Under the Paris Convention, applicants are allowed a grace period (usually 12 months after the priority date) to file their patent application in participating countries and regions. This option is most often used when applicants wish to file in non-PCT countries such as Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and Venezuela. Each jurisdiction has distinct requirements and application procedures. In many countries and regions, this includes translation of the application, as well as the submission of certain application forms.

Park IP Foreign Filing Direct Filing Overview

Once an applicant has decided where to file direct, Park IP Foreign Filing coordinates everything. Simply inform the Park IP team what region(s) you have decided on, and we coordinate the rest. We prepare filing instructions, inform agents abroad, prepare the translations and monitor deadlines. Once we obtain your signature on the necessary documents, you can rest assured your case is being filed across the world and can sit back, relax, and wait for your filing receipts. All of this is taken care of without ever having to call an agent in your target jurisdiction.

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