Filing Services

Filing Services

Park IP provides “Filing-Ready” translations for foreign patent applications around the world. A pioneer in the patent translation industry, Park IP coordinates a specialized, ISO 9001:2015 certified process in support of AM Law 100 Firms and Fortune 500 Companies for foreign filings. Clients routinely depend on Park to execute the translation of key patents for the purpose of filing abroad. Our experience and capabilities ensure the highest quality services, deadline compliance and value for all foreign filings.

Patent Filing

As a single source provider, Park IP specializes in filing patents in nearly every country. As an alternative to managing multiple foreign associate relationships, we serve as a single, centralized point of contact. Our streamlined approach is initiated by client instructions indicating what and where to file and we handle the rest. Once filings are complete, clients receive updates with confirmation letters, and a single detailed invoice for each patent. Clients no longer deal with the hassle of lengthy paperwork, unspecified charges, process coordination, translation, or multiple invoices for multiple jurisdictions.

Foreign Filing and Validation

Park IP’s proprietary foreign filing solution provides comprehensive support for international patent filing through PCT National Phase Entry, European Validation, and Direct National Filing (Paris Convention). Park IP Filing simplifies the application process by providing clients with a global network of qualified IP professional network and then coordinating the filing process. We handle the administrative and logistical requirements of international patent filing and specialized validation, so clients can focus on growing their businesses.

Our highly-qualified network of associates consists of skilled IP law firms around the world. We have established longstanding relationships by way of a methodical selection process emphasizing expertise, experience, communication, and responsiveness. Our associates are well-equipped to manage every application efficiently and with a high level of proficiency across a broad range of technologies.

No client has ever been denied patent protection due to a fault in a translation provided by Park IP Translations. 

Foreign Filing Service Benefits

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