Park IP Collaborates In The Fight Against PD

New York, NY, September 2009 – The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research teamed with The New York Academy of Sciences to co-host the Parkinson’s Disease Therapeutics Conference on Wednesday, September 30, in New York City. Park IP Translations was a main sponsor of the Therapeutics Conference in New York City. We were pleased to have been represented by two of our esteemed leaders: Josh Rosman and Michael Rosman. From a leadership perspective, this conference was key to attend as part of the focus was worldwide discovery and communication en route to fighting this terrible disease.

The conference, chaired by J. William Langston, MD, Founder, CEO, and Scientific Director of the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale, California – highlighted novel advances in basic and translational research that impact understanding of Parkinson’s Disease and its treatment throughout the globe. Select Michael J. Fox Foundation funded investigators presented research on a variety of topics, including novel therapeutic targets, biomarker development, and animal models. This third annual scientific conference exclusively focused on speeding therapeutic development for Parkinson’s Disease, with a worldwide perspective in hand.

Academic as well as Industry Scientists were brought together, to assess and discuss how novel scientific advances can be applied to accelerate the development of innovative drug discovery & development for Parkinson’s Disease. An impressive step forward for Park IP will be our continued support and service as a catalyst of communication in assisting the organizations from an international vantage point.

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