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Leading from the front is a concept I learned in leadership training while I was in the U.S. Army.  It has stuck with me ever since.  Whilst I was in the U.S. military, I witnessed the most effective leaders demonstrating this concept.  Courage, duty, honor – these weren’t just words – they were values demonstrated […]

Welocalize had been looking to get into the life sciences space for many years; however, we were very particular about the type of partner who would fit our culture and offer a robust platform for expanding in the space.  After nearly two years of getting to know one another, we are excited to combine forces […]

We recently held another LocLeaders forum event. This time the location was Silicon Valley, alongside the Localization World Silicon Valley conference. The Welocalize LocLeaders event series are gaining a strong following and great reputation, swiftly becoming recognized as being one of the key forums for localization leaders from global brands to convene and discuss ideas […]

In the localization and translation industry, the usual answer to this question is “they are all important.”  So perhaps a better question is “why should they be mutually exclusive?”  Historically, these three areas were often at odds with quality at the core, and I suggest that the main driver of this was the tendency towards […]

I was very happy to see Welocalize climb again in CSA’s annual Top-100 LSP ranking. We ranked #10 in 2011 and climbed to #8 in 2012. Continuing to grow any company is a big challenge.  Some one asked me recently, “how do you do it?”  The answer is talented people working very hard to overcome […]

2012 was an exciting year for Welocalize. We made great progress in our key initiatives and saw our revenue grow by 16% to $125 million. We also grew to over 600 people worldwide across 12 offices. One of our top initiatives is to nurture and protect a unique culture. I believe a unique and rewarding […]

One fine autumn day in New York’s Catskill Mountains Rip Van Winkle shared in what was a bit too much liquor. It was offered in a seemingly innocuous way by a group of silent, bearded men playing nine-pins in a hollow along the mountain path. Making himself comfortable under a broad shade tree Rip soon […]

Welocalize has been championing open collaboration for many years now. We feel that interoperability across the translation supply chain is key to gaining efficiency and predictable scalability. Translation word rates have reached their lower limits putting even more pressure on reducing total cost through automation of logistics and administration across the supply chain. Here are […]

In June, I attended the Localization World conference in Paris. In conjunction with the the event we also conducted our own vendor conference as well as a client conference, and with strong representation from both our clients and vendors, we decided to do something unique this year. I am not sure it has been done […]

vision for 2012

We have very exciting things going on at Welocalize this year, but this would not be possible without the incredible hard work everyone put in during 2011. 2011 marked the greatest single-year expansion in the company’s history. The pace of change, the dedication of our partners and staff in working long hours to keep up […]

Hello Welocalize Community, I have exciting news! I am happy to announce our merger with a company called Park IP Translations. Combined, we are now over $100 million in sales with 12 offices and nearly 600 people worldwide! This is an extraordinary milestone for all of us, and I want to recognize the support of […]

It’s hard to believe three years has gone by since we launched GlobalSight as an open source product. Time flies when you are having fun, and we have had a lot of great experiences with GlobalSight. The open source nature of the product has helped us to improve efficiency across our supply chain through open […]

Welocalize has been actively supporting interoperability initiatives across the industry such as Interoperability Now and Open TM2. We have also been working on practical implementations of interoperability between products, and we are happy to announce interoperability between Passolo and GlobalSight. The products have been connected through their APIs. GlobalSight uses the Passolo API to import […]

Welocalize has been investing heavily in growth, and I am happy to report that our consistent growth has been recognized once again. For the 7th year in a row, we have won the Inc 500|5000 award for America’s fastest growing private companies. It is rare for a company to win this award for so many […]

The US Debt Ceiling crisis has created no shortage of drama over the last several months. Whether in government or in business, one simply has to pay out less than what is taken in order to stay financially solvent. Fortunately, Welocalize has not had this problem. Our revenue in the first half of 2011 increased […]

The recent ranking by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) of the Top-50 Language Service Providers listed an incomplete total for Welocalize’s 2010 revenue. Although it was no fault of their own, CSA has been wonderfully supportive in helping us to correct the revenue total and agreed to issue a correction notice. Our total 2010 revenue was […]

The Multi-Screen Opportunity What is the biggest driver of growth in our industry right now? I believe it is what I refer to as the “multi-screen” opportunity. Let me explain. In the past, accessing many forms of content was cumbersome and slow. Finding what you wanted in a printed manual took a long time. Renting […]

Many people have been asking me about our team in our Tokyo office, and I am happy to report that they are all safe. Thank you so much for the well wishes. Our people in Japan really appreciate the support. We heard from Shinji, our Manager in Tokyo, throughout the weekend, and I have included […]

The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) is a dynamic Academia-Industry partnership with over 100 researchers developing novel technologies addressing the key localization challenges of volume, access and personalization. I am very excited to have Welocalize become an Industry Partner with the CNGL. It is an organization whose Mission is “to revolutionize localization via breakthroughs […]

I was recently asked to be a Guest Blogger on the TAUS website. My post is on the topic of standards: The Dark Side of Standards: Why the lack thereof is significantly undermining both business prosperity and social progress around the world Please click on the title above to have a look. Smith

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving here in America, and Welocalize surely has much to be thankful for this year. Riverside Partners has invested $34 million to support our expansion plans We now have an outstanding team located in the United Kingdom through our merger with Lloyd International Translations (LIT) Q3 marked another great quarter for Welocalize […]

I am very happy to report that Riverside Partners, a prominent Private Equity firm based in Boston, has invested $34 million in Welocalize to support our exciting growth plans. Not only is this a great vote of confidence in Welocalize, it is a great vote of confidence in our industry. While many industries around the […]

I want to thank Keith Mills, the CTO at SDL, for participating in the debate. Keith is a sharp guy and great CTO. SDL is lucky to have him. I also want to thank Jaap Van der Meer for hosting and moderating the debate. I hope Keith enjoyed the debate as much as I. Our […]

I want to thank all of our clients, staff and partners very much, because Welocalize had its best quarter ever in Q2 2010! In addition, Welocalize reached an interesting milestone recently. The majority of our work, currently 52% and growing rapidly, is now what we call on-demand translation. We categorize the work we do for […]

For information on why we joined the Open TM2 initiative, please follow this link: I have also included the interview below. Smith What is it about the Open TM2 initiative that motivated Welocalize to get involved? Most translators use some type of translation workbench tool. Most clients use some type of content management tool, […]

I was recently inteviewed about the Open TM2 initiative by John Yunker from Global By Design. The interview can be found here. I have also copied it below. Translation memory goes open source: An interview with Smith Yewell of Welocalize Posted on July 8th, 2010 by John Yunker Translation memory helps companies re-use previously translated […]

When I buy a product at Walmart it is scanned at the check-out counter. At that moment, the entire supply chain it took to produce that product is alerted; another product is moved into the assembly line, and the new product is on the shelf the next day. This is an enormous logistical challenge, and […]

The fundamental business drivers in our industry have not changed much – time, cost and quality still rule the day. The following elements are changing so fast it is hard to keep up with them: connectivity, collaboration and community. So how do we keep up with the changes and what impact do they have on […]

OK, first of all, what is the definition of an assembly line? From Wikipedia: “An assembly line is a manufacturing process in which parts (usually interchangeable parts) are added to a product in a sequential manner using optimally planned logistics to create a finished product much faster than with handcrafting-type methods.” Let’s begin with the […]

Change is exciting, because what invariably follows change is opportunity. I see the following translation industry macro-changes in process. In general: I feel like our industry is somewhat like Henry Ford trying to build an assembly line with all of the parts and tools suppliers providing pieces of various sizes and dimensions, according to different […]

Q1 2010 update

As Warren Buffet mentioned in his recent shareholder’s letter, “Sing a country song in reverse, and you will quickly recover your car, house and wife.” I am sure many companies wish it were that easy when looking back on 2009. However, there are many changes from 2009 that we here at Welocalize would not alter, […]

I think the word “crowdsourcing” is creating confusion when combined with “translation”. Why? Because it seems the first thought the two words provoke is “free”. The LISA report on Crowdsourcing had the following to say: Companies are definitely not implementing crowdsourcing to reduce their costs……rather, they’re doing it principally for one or more of the […]

I read an interesting book: The Wealth of Networks, by Yochai Benkler. It reminded of the very large and inherent network dependency in our translation supply chain. It also reminded me of the ways translation agencies used to market themselves before the advent of the internet – at the core of many marketing propositions was […]

What do 206 Million Words and the Super Bowl have in Common? I read an interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal. The biggest sports event in America is being held this weekend, the Super Bowl, and the article described the total effort in terms of hours necessary to reach this highest level of […]

We have now started a new year, a new decade and a new phase in the maturity and growth of our industry. I see the following seven translation industry macro-changes in process: 1. An open translation platform: I see a lack of uniform standards on top of an open and shared platform as our industry’s […]

I read an interesting interview with Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon; and as we start the new year, I think his suggestion of “starting with the customer” is where any company should start. Here is an excerpt of the interview. His philosophy is the same philosophy we are pursuing here at Welocalize. “We […]


The Wisdom of Crowds I read a story once about guessing the number of jelly-beans in a jar. The jar was on the counter in a candy store, and a sign invited anyone to drop their name in a box with their guess of the total number of jelly beans in the jar. After a […]

Microsoft has described the future of their company as “3 screens and the cloud.” What this means is that Microsoft products and services are moving to the cloud (a subscription or software as a service basis for buying and using their services/products) delivered on-demand to 3 devices: PC, Mobile Phone, TV/Game Console. The services and […]

I recently read two interesting articles. The first pointed out that a Gartner study found that 85% of companies are using open source software. The second suggested that Google may actually be the largest open source software contributor. Welocalize has contributed 1.5 million lines of code to the open source GlobalSight product, but that is […]

The fact that the world speaks multiple languages drives the need for our business. However, this same fact also creates a situation where many people in the world are cut-off from life saving information simply because it is not available in their language. In my view, this is a senseless tragedy, and I believe that […]

2010 priorities

2010 Priorities Towards the end of each year, many companies begin a process of defining their priorities for the following year. This is a relatively simple process at Welocalize, because our priorities have not changed. Our priorities have been and will remain what we call our 4-Pillars: · Customer Service · Quality · Innovation · […]

The current economic reality has forced the language service industry to face up to its many limitations. Our customers are demanding change and forcing the pace of this change. Welocalize is rising to this challenge and inviting clients to discuss how we reinvent the way we work together across the entire translation supply chain to […]

“Collaborate or Perish” – A new paradigm for success This phrase, “collaborate or perish”, was uttered earlier this year by Google CEO Eric Schmidt as a visionary call to action. And as we watch rapidly evolving, global economic and social forces align themselves in an extremely disruptive and subsequent “game changing” way, it is precisely […]

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